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Autistic basketball player creates mayhem at game

There is this amazing video of an Autistic guy playing Basketball.
Jason McElwain, an autistic high school basketball team member in Rochester NY, served as the coach's assistant and spirit leader for several years. On the final game of the season the coach let him finally put on a jersey with the rest of the team. Watch what happens then... 

This is one of those rare stories that makes you drop everything and share it with everybody
I'm loving it.

Overcoming Adversity

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail".
Nelson Mandela

Man, I love that quote.

Am I just an old fart?

I have to admit to being slightly concerned about the fact that during this week i have enjoyed nothing more, than sitting down in front of the TV and watching the on ice CURLING at the Winter Olmpics. I like the way the team stands about discussing how to knock the other ones disc thing out of the way, and you get to hear it on tele... That's funny.

I like the fact that there are PAID commentators for this sport. Are you fucking kidding me?
they say things like... 'Ah, Yes, well that was a good stone' or 'There seems to be a bit of flatness about them today'.

WTF?? people get paid to say that shit!

And the 2 people with the brooms who sweep at such a fast rate in front of the disc and are always shouting.
This shit is funny to watch.

And i love when the dude who slides down the ice on one knee and releases the disc thing.. and the instant feeling you get inside (when you think you know best) that goes..
'Oohhhhh... that's a little bit to hard there my son' or 'too soft, too soft, not enough push behind that one, you're rubbish'.
Like I have ANY clue WTF i'm talking about.

Isn't curling something that old people like?
Is this a sign that i'm getting old now?
USA are currently kickin GB's ass for a 3rd place medal.

Autistic Mikey

Some days I thank my lucky stars for being born open minded, non judgemental and not frightened of people cos of how they look, behave or act. I sometimes think it's a bit of a gift to just accept things for what they are and why they are and not have to compartmentalise them.


I love the fact that I'm not prejudice, I'm not homophobic and that I'm nice to animals and old people (even if they do smell of piss).


I hate that people screw there noses up at alcoholics and pretend that they can't see homeless people on the street. Does it really cost anything to make eye contact and just be nice to people?


I think this probably makes me a little unique, but I am truly like this – very accepting of others and sometimes maybe even a little too much…


Today a man followed me around the store for ages whilst I was doing my shopping.. I knew he was doing it and I smiled to myself. I've seen him before. He's a tall Black man about 6'0 not particularly big in build, but tall, wears quite thick glasses, but always looks quite well dressed. Has a big smile on his face. Has a presence about him.

To me, he's non threatening (but that's cos of who I am), to others, he's quite terrifying and I think that's cos he moves in an unnatural way and also has a poor sense of personal space. He'll get up all close on you and just remain there.

I got to the checkout and was queuing up to pay for my goods and I decided to watch  the people who by now were watching this man, who was simply stood there watching me.

Now when I say watching me… I mean he was staring, fixated and not moving, almost hypnotised by me. The lady in front of me turned around and Said 'Oh, we've got a mad one there' and started to laugh. I looked at her and gave her the blankest and most dead looking face I could muster. She quickly turned back around.

The woman behind me and nearest to this man, was at this point looking like she was about to shit her pants and shuffled a few feet to her left to put some distance between her and him.


I continued to watch other people and they were all doing the point the finger to the temple and give the 'he's mad' sign.

I actually thought in my head – You judgemental bunch of turds.

And then he spoke to me.
Really loudly.

'You have the most beautiful hair' he said
I smiled at him and said 'Thank you Mikey'.

He then said what he always says and what he's obviously practised and practised and practised over and over again.


'Hi my name is Mikey, I'm autistic and that's why I behave like this. I'm autistic and my name is Mikey'.


And then you could see the look on peoples face change when they realised this man was no threat. A few still had a scared look on their faces, I mean a big black autistic man could still be a problem to some of them, so they either guiltily looked away or stared at him even more… just to make sure he never attacked them or anything.


Fucking idiots.


He then asked to touch my hair.

I let him.


He then asked if he could kiss my hair.

I let him.


He then turned to leave me be.

And the stupid woman behind me said 'well that's the best chat up line I've ever seen'.
completely not getting it.

I only managed to mutter 'idiot' under my breath and pay for my shopping and leave.


The first time I met mikey, he ran about half a mile down Lewisham high street following me (or my hair should I say) – and he caught up with me, waited till I removed my headphones, and said:

'Hi my name is Mikey, I'm autistic and that's why I behave like this.
I'm autistic and my name is Mikey'. And he then gave me a red rose and told me I was beautiful.

He made me smile that day and walk with a little skip in my step.

I'd love to see a non autistic man behave in this way…
we'd have a lot more happier women roaming about.


Free meal in London anyone?

I strongly recommend that if you are in London and are a bit hungry…
try a
restaurant where they have a new craze going on - They pay you to eat in there!

Yup, it truly happened.
On sat night Glenn and I went for dinner at Adams Ribs just off Piccadilly circus.
They do some fine ass ribs and chicken wings (American style, mmm).

So we ate till our bellies were full, drank till our guts hurt and then we asked for the bill… sure enough it arrived, in a big brown wallet…
Glenn opened it… and inside,
was cash from  a previous customer. £21 in fact!

Being from 'the country' – where shit like that never happens, Glenn was like 'oh, we have to tell someone'. Looking over his shoulder and shit..

And for some reason I instinctively turned into what can only be described as a 'Ghetto rat' I was like 'Nah uh. Never look a gift horse in the mouth my dear'.

It was funny as hell cos no one knew… and I think we both thought about it for a minute, then I was like, 'right lets bounce' (still in ghetto rat mode!?!)

He didn't want to do it.. But I kinda made him be a bit naughty and use it in the end.. and we got a cheap meal out that night (less than a Tenner).



Moral of this story?

Don't employ lazy waitresses, they'll fuck up your business for sure. 

Appropriate naming of your children

I went to the Gym today.
I was riding on the cross trainer working up a good old sweat.
Ipod blaring loudly in my ears.. I was in my zone....not a care in the world.

Then i got the sense that someone was trying to get my attention.. I could feel eyes glaring into the side of my head.
I look up and into the mirror in front of me.. and there to my right, 2 cross trainers away was a woman who i haven't seen in years. A friend of my mothers.

A short woman in statue.
A round woman in shape.
A dark woman in colour.
(not too dissimilar to an oompahloompah infact.. perhaps not so orange)
The only way i can think of as a correct way to describe her physical being is...

You know when you go into gyms, they have these ROUND space like balls that people sit on to do sit ups and things..

Well, imagine one of those round perfectly spherical balls...with a pair of shoes underneath it, and a pumpkin on top
And that is about proportional to how this woman looks...
About the same height too.
And do you know what's funny?

Her parents chose to call her....
wait for it....


That is no word of a lie.
All i have to say.. is be careful what you call your children.

The other good thing about seeing someone of this size and moving at the pace of a hedgegog on the machines next to you..
Makes you realise, you are no where near as big as you think you are.
And to appreciate what you have... cos there's always someone who has got it much worse than you.

A beautiful quote


James Allen

I just thought this was a beautiful quote and was quite moved by it.

Old blogs that I didn't want to lose

Monday, May 12, 2003 ( 12:32 PM ) Secrets

I had a realisation this morning whilst sitting on the train going over the Hungerford Bridge, looking out at the River Thames.

I'm shit at keeping secrets.

Not intentionally shit. Just kinda accidentally shit.
Like I’ll 'accidentally' tell someone something that i know i shouldn't have said and then cover my arse by saying.. 'Oh, you mustn't tell anyone - because it's a secret.'

Well Rem if it's a secret why did you say it?Feck knows!
I think my problem is i like to talk too much.
And I’m far too honest - so i let everything out, I don't like holding things in.

But i like to think I’m a good judge of character... so the people who i do let things slip too, i kinda know they wont say anything... or at least that's what i think. But i guess people must have thought that about me too right?

*Sheesh* I'm a nightmare.

My worst has got to be casually telling my best mate that our other group of mates called his girlfriend an 'Oompaloommpaa' behind his back.('Oompaloommpaa' = Charlie and the chocolate factory.. the short fat people with Orange faces and Green hair).

Come to think of it - it wasn't even so much of a secret... more just straight up plain stoopidity on my part.

He didn't talk to me for a few days. Still trying to figure out why i do stupid shit like that.

Anyway, got work to do. I'm slacking! Just thought I’d air that whilst i had it in my mind.

Sunday, May 11, 2003 ( 2:00 PM )
This time last Sunday I was on the train with my little foster brother (Now 11 or 12 - i forget), going to the Nike Freestyle competition at Earls Court.There were some incredibly talent players there with awesome skill and talent... Ballers, soccer players and even frisbee (!?!) players were all giving it some..Made me realise i've a got a lot of work to do on my ball handling skills. I could be so much better.
Thought i'd share a picture with you all.
~Remstar X

Saturday, May 10, 2003 ( 8:47 PM ) Confusion

I'm at a crossroads and am not entirely sure which way to go. The weird thing is that i've been at this very same cross-road before... and I took the wrong turning. I went a long way down the wrong road. It was an ugly trek back,I vowed then and there never to take the same route again.

Yet i'm here at the very same cross-road again. And just like last time... the start of one route looks so tempting, beautiful and possibly even magical - but it's destination is unknown.
Whilst the other route looks safe, secure not so exciting... but with a definite end in site..
There's no fear of the unknown.

My head tells me take the safe and known route.Whilst my heart keeps leading me up the more appealing and exciting route - the one with an unlear destination.
I've already tried the exciting route a couple of times.But I only go so far and run back again to the safety of the crossroad.
Is the crossroad a safe place to be?
Should I even be questioning where i'm going?

Maybe i should i just take the safe route - and be sure of where i'm going. That would be easiest.

That's not me. I'd have a longing to know what was on the other side.
I like to take a risk. I like to explore the unknown. That's just my nature.But i don't want to get burned twice going down the wrong road again.

Hmm. Confusion.
Time will tell.


Valentines day 2006

Well, V day was a couple of days ago now and there wasn't even so much as a flutterance (is that a real word? Probably not, knowing me, I do love to make up words, it’s the only way our species will evolve I believe) nor was there even a slow trickle of cards that graced my letter box this year.

Nothing, nada, Nein, nope.. poop.
So it's official, :: NEWS FLASH :: no one loves me this year.

Well, Ok to be fair... I may be being a bit of a drama queen here… I did get 4 text messages on my mobile phone wishing me happy v day from 4 male friends... So I wonder.... should that count?

I mean when did text messages ‘officially’ become ok instead of sending a card?
Hmm, I wonder...

I’m guessing it does count nowadays to receive a text wish instead of a card. But why should that be ok? Have we lowered our standards? Should women accept this?

Or does it just reflect on what a shite day it actually is?
I mean half the population on valentines day just feels smug and content with themselves for having a ‘partner’… and the other half of the population feels a bit sad and lonely (and anyone who’s single and say’s they don’t feel like that, are liars!) .

So back to Valentines Day TEXT wishes, I wonder, does this just make them all cheap gits?
I mean it’s only a quid right for a card these days? OR ... if one was really hard up (for a quid?!?) then one could invest some time with a bit of paper, some coloured pens and a pair of scissors and make a heartfelt and homemade v card, right?

But now I’ve said that, I start to think… Hmm, how impressed would I actually be having received a home made card from a fully grown man (who up until this point I thought I quite liked), who was trying to impress me?

The answer has to be, ‘not very’.
I’d immediately start thinking ‘he has childhood issues’, ‘He wasn’t loved enough as a child’…
I’d have my hiking boots on in about 0.5 secs and be heading for the hills in haste.

So that blows my idea out of the water (what I just said above about home made cards).

Some friends of mine got fuck all on Valentines Day, so I should be grateful I suppose. 4 people actually thought about me for a second or two, so I should be grateful and stop moaning really.

But I always think it’s nice to have a little rant and let it out of your system…

Exhale… Ahhhhhhhhh.

Is this a scam? or 'is my sister an idiot?'

Tuesday, April 29, 2003 ( 7:24 PM )

The other day my sis sent around to a few people an email... you've probably seen it... it's that microsoft one that says microsoft will give you money if you do forward this email to everyone on your address book or something like that blah blah blah.... And that it really works and Microsoft will give you all this money.. Yadadadada.

It's a big scam and has been around forever...

so my sis sends the same scam email around (to everyone on her list) asking:
(genuinely) 'is this a scam'?

Let me introduce Bobs reply..

Bob is mine and my sis's friend living in NYC near my sister.
I'm still pissing myself over it even whilst writing this....LOL (Sorry leesah, Love ya x)

>From: bob
>To: remi, leesah scott
>Subject: is leesah an idiot for asking????
>Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 09:27:54 -0700 (PDT) >

>hey, some guy on the internet wants my pin number from my atm machine, he also wants all my credit card numbers with the passwords and the keys to my apartment... is this some kind of scam, or am i just a stupid idiot to have to ask????? duh...

I got a stitch from laughing so hard... I shit you not!

Jesus rules your life... Apparently.

These are some old postings from an old blog that I just didn't want to lose..

Friday, April 18, 2003 ( 6:56 PM ) Remi

Today is Good Friday and I’ve had all day off work. It's been a beautiful sunny day here in London. And it was nice to spend it alone. I decided to lay in this morning (which i never do).
So i stayed in bed until about 12... then i got up and did 'me' things all day.

The biggest of which was to go see my Gran who I haven't seen for months and months.
I pulled up outside her house and pulled open the outside door. There was a big sticker on the top of the inside door that had been placed up in a very wonky fashion. I think it was my gran with her short arms who had try to put it up by her self. I had to tilt my head a bit to read it. It said 'Jesus rules your life'.

I had never noticed it before... I'm not sure why - but it made me laugh.
And as I stood there giggling to myself my Gran’s husband (who I guess is technically my granddad but we all call him 'Mr. Holder' ...don't ask me why, we just do) opened the door…
And just looked at me in a peculiar fashion with his head tilted like mine. Which amused me even more and just made me make that silly noise in my throat that I sometimes randomly make. I just said 'hi' and breezed in. He's not really a man for long conversations.

So there stands my gran, who is a complete character.
She’s a short stocky Jamaican woman with one gold tooth in the front of her mouth. She has the smoothest clear skin in the world.
So she’s stood there wearing her dress.. her knee bandages (she has arthritis in both knees)..And her wig, that is SO obviously a wig.. still looking lovely in her old age.

And she just shakes her head at me as she always does (kind of in shock its me because I don’t go around enough, but also in a kind of excited way to see me as well)..And she gives me the once over..'look at your hair'... 'You’ve lost weight'... 'Why do you look so dark' (just got back from Africa) etc etc.... whilst hugging me and laughing in her high pitched laughed.

Within about 2 minutes I have a plait of fried fish (snapper) with rice and salad on the table for me to eat.

My gran is by far the best cook in the world. I kid you not. As its Easter and because she's such a church-goer (unlike me, that's why the sticker on the door tickled me) she's been asked to cook Fish for her whole congregation at church on Sunday. She frying a good few tons of fish on Saturday so I told her I’d bring some round for her to do for me as well.
Damn she makes good fish!

Sunday, April 20, 2003 ( 3:51 PM )

Well my gran made it.
And i ate it. Damn damn damn that was good fish.
My gran mocked me (and even laughed at me) for not being able to fry fish.

What a cruel cruel and mixed up world we live in when the old mock the young!

Monday, April 21, 2003 ( 12:39 PM )

It's Bank Holiday monday and i'm working.
That's all i'm saying.