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New years eve.. what's the fuss all about?

To see the new year in I have been invited to Devon to a lovely town called Bideford.
Or to a house party in Erith.
Or to a nice pub in Nottinghill.

However, with the storm brewing outside, with the gushing winds, the cold and yes the rain... The likelyhood of me getting out of my PJ's to venture outside are very very slim... very slim indeed.

I do have another bad case of 'cant be arsedness' about me today.

Got some bubbly in the fridge, a nice dinner cooking slowly....
Think i'm sorted really ;-)

Bring it on 2007.

Oh what have I done??

Singing Flyer

There are some friends who you just don't say certain things to as they are like elephants... and never forget!

I've been reminded that a year or so ago I had said i'd sing at my mates birthday bash....

Yessss, that's me, look closely 2nd from the left.
2 weeks to prepare!
Oh the joy.

Thick fog saunters into London

Wow, We have had incredibly thick fog in London these last few days.
It arrived 3 days ago.

Just woke up – and there it was!
Heavy, laden and sitting fast.

Domestic flights into and out of London have all been cancelled.

I’ve just been out for a meal along the riverfront, south bank in fact, at the Real Greek Restaurant (Yum by the way).

It was impossible to see from my side of the river across to the other side of the river Thames. St Paul’s church had completely vanished under the blanket of the fog.

Tonight London looked like it does when they show it in the movies..
It looked old, grey and foggy with the occasional light poking through.
The bridges over the river looked proper wicked.

I actually love this fog; it feels like there’s this heavy blanket over us, it also got bitterly cold here too.

Combining the fog, the cold and being down the back streets of London bridge you couldn’t help but feel like you were in an a scene from Oliver twist.
Nancy, Fagan and the Artful Dodger could be a hop skip away on these cobbled foggy back streets of London.

Proper awesome.

Wish I had taken my digital camera out with me tonight – there’s something really magical about fog and right before Christmas too… fantastic!

McDonalds drive thru Rap - Love this!

Bye Bye Baby Tyrese

So yesterday was a pretty tough day.
We had to say goodbye to our beautiful little boy Tyrese.

He was finally adopted after being in our foster care for over 2 years.
He came when he was about 5 days old.. He was so tiny and from day 1 of having him, he was a little cutey with a smile that would melt your heart.

You couldn't help but smile when he smiled.
He was just adorable.

He progressed into a proper 2 year old.
Yes - A little monster!
An adorable monster none the less.

So we all very brave yesterday, I pitched up early and made tea’s and coffee’s (us Brits and our tea drinking).

We were all doing so well until the horrible social worker turned up.

A big obtruse prison warden looking woman.
Not a sniff of compassion and all she wanted to do was snoop about the house.

Lost count of how many times she had to 'use the toilet'.

I found it hard to be nice to her – I mean, adopting him out 5 days before Christmas, are you friggin kidding me? They treat these kids in care like they are products and not real humans who forma attachment. He already calls Bev ‘Mummy’ and Curtis (a family friend) ‘Daddy’.

Me and Francesca sat on the sofa fairly quiet the whole time, just taking it all in and playing with Tyrese for the very last time.

Then his new mummy turned up just after 12pm.
I really wanted to hate her. I really didn’t want to like her.

Beverley opened the door.
And I got the biggest surprise ever.

Tyrese flew towards her with a big smile on his face and was jumping saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ really happily. She scooped him up and said ‘My baby’s coming home’.

I suddenly felt much calmer.
Because he was happy.

And because she was really warm.
To him and to us.

She didn't have to be.

I then learned that he had spent everyday with her for a few hours over the last week and she had become familiar to him.

We all sat about for about 20 mins until the horrid social worker forced his new mummy to leave with him. We could tell she wasn’t quite ready to go... She didn't even finish her tea.

We got his jacket and hat on.

We gave him sneaky kisses and cuddles. He knew something was up.

Took some pics, which he happily posed for and then we went to the door with him.

His new mummy picked him up and he turned over her shoulder to us all, picked up his hand and repeatedly said ‘Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye’. With that hug smile of his.
With that cute little 2 yr old’s voice he has.
Frantically waving his hand.
Proud he could say the word bye.

That was it for me… I cracked.
He was waving like he thought he was coming back, like he’s done a million times before.

This time there was no coming back.
No more mummy or daddy.

I had to walk away into the kitchen, then locked myself away in toilet in floods of tears.
I wasn't expecting it to move me like it did.

I think its the idea of loss that hurts so much.

Francesca darted upstairs.
Bev followed out the door behind him crying. I could see her wiping tears.

The Social worker looked like a spare part – wished I coulda kicked her out of the house.
Unsympathetic cow – it was like 1 big transaction for her. Onto the next one.

Anyway, I gave Bev a big hug when she came in and we had a bit of a blub.

I had to pop home during the afternoon, but came back and cooked dinner for everyone and spent the night. The house now feels so empty.

No more little people.

Love ya Ty Ty.

Be good for your new mummy and daddy


In the words of Borat... 'I Like'

Ok Go, this has to be like the best music video EVER?

Treadmills, bad hair and tight clothes.

Penalty Charges - Oh!

Very useful link people!

Proper Clever Shit

Pure genius.
Thanks for the linkage Jimbob.


'Just one more thing' - Columbo

What is it that happens to us as a child that makes us like certain things when we are adults?

Like Columbo.

I mean by my standards of good TV, exciting Tv, thrilling Tv… Columbo shouldn’t be up there.
I mean a little American copper, with a funny voice and a wonky eye and constantly bumbling…
Old school filming… Shoddy acting…Unbelievable story lines… It really shouldn’t bring me any joy.

Yet, whenever I see in the TV guide that Columbo is on, I get that little feeling of excitement, like ‘Yeah… It’s Columbo, must watch that’.

And then I do.
Like now, he’s on.

And I THOROUGHLY enjoy watching it, every time. I have no idea why.

Is it because he’s kinda forgetful and stupid… but actually very smart, that does it?

Most of these shows I’ve seen, repeatedly, mostly as a child on a Sunday afternoon, but I still enjoy watching them, even the ones I’ve seen.

Maybe it reminds me of a time in my childhood, that was good… perhaps even comfortable for me. There wasn’t too many of those.

But what I love most about Columbo is:
1 – His old school car... I want one.
2 – His dopey looking dog.

Columbo just does it for me.
Sad, but true