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Anderson Cooper my new TV hero

This guy is funny as fuck.
I Lurve him!

If you have free time... Visit and punch in Anderson Cooper.

Very Refreshing indeed.

Interviewing Dave Chappelle - Really nice!

Fatty boomboom

I told a friend of mine today that I had put on weight whilst I was away on holiday last week.
I wasn't too happy about that at all. I actually weighed myself several times as I could not believe what it was saying!
He said to me that it was ok that I had put on weight because now there was simply more of me to love.
Awww. I thought that was really sweet thing to say.
... to a fat girl.

Sweltering heat to... Central heating...

I'm not really sure what is upsetting me the most right at this moment in time...

Whether its returning from the BOILING hot 40degrees of Montenegro to:

a) the cold and grey dullness of London
b) the rain that fell upon my forehead as soon as I stepped out of the airport (whilst still in my new flip flops)
c) OR the delightful pool of cat sick on my bed that Chi left as a present for my return.
Yeah, it kinda has to be C really doesn't it?

Are all vandals this thick?

As I left Tesco's today - I saw a car that was parked up and it had a parking ticket on it.
Generally, you can stay for 2 or 3 hours in the supermarket car park and then they ticket you.

Someone... had then vandalised the front of the car by scratching the following into the owners bonnet. They obviously thought they were clever in doing this.
However, their spelling let them down just a little...


Apostrophe anyone?

All I can say is if you TRY to be clever.. then at least BE CLEVER.. not a dumb ass!
Also, how about doing vandalism somewhere where there isn't constant CCTV in action.

Talk about dumb and dumber.

I nearly took a picture of it but got scared and thought someone would think I had done it.

London Photographer I met today

I'm not sure if i'm buzzing off the course I attended this morning...
Or if their coffee they provided was stonkingly good...
Perhaps its a little of both.

However, i'm racing in 5th gear at the moment.. totally excited, inspired, buuzzzinnnnggggggg..

I'll write more on the course later... Women in Business.. trust me..Inspiring

However, 1 woman I met - I have now dubbed her as my favouritest favourite photographer...
Like ever...

Ok, well maybe for now :-)

There's something simplistic yet beautiful about how she captures her photos.
The was something special about her too.
She had amazing natural yet contained energy.

Her name is Laura Mtungwazi and her photography can be found here:

Invasion of the moths!

.. I'd like to start by saying... I like moths.

I like all animals and insects (for the most part)...

But right now I am pissed off with ALL the moths!
They have saturated my flat and are making me wholly unhappy.

They are everywhere!
They fly into my head when i am typing. Land on my legs or feet and freak me out.

They wake up the cat when she's sleeping by buzzing around her ears.
She repays this by stalking them, hunting them, catching them and then eating them.

I think there may actually be a moth colony in my flat.
Do they even live in colonies?

Now anyone who REALLY knows me... knows how much i love socks.
I have a good few hundred pairs of socks.
Some might even say i have an un-natural penchant for the sock..


The moths are eating my socks like its a free giveaway at mcdonalds as soon as school is out.
I've lost count how many moths have had to die over this matter.


I don't think it's right I'm so pissed off with moths.. Maybe I need to talk to someone about this.

AND NO....

I won't be purchasing MOTH BALLS.
They are proper rank.
They are for old people and people who have lost ALL sense of smell in their nostrils.
Moth balls STINK.

I'll stick to the traditional method of catch, splat and apologising profusely to the dead moth.


Exercise update

Soooo... Last week was a complete exercise write off, simply due to too much work and not enough time!

Besides last monday when I played basketball with Men for 2 hours, I did NOTHING else the whole week. I didn't so much as sniff the gym!
This week has been ..ummm marginally better!

MONDAY: Basketball with men, 2 hours, hot and sweaty!
WEDS: Gym, running and weights
THURS: Basketball 2 on 2 for 1.5 hours, hot and sweaty
FRI: Intention is to run on the road for the first time!!!!

..I'd like to say next week i'll be back on week six of my running programme..
However, i'll be on holiday, sipping cocktails on a beach and swimming in the sea..
Very litte running will be had me thinks :-/

Broken fingers...

.. Are not big, clever or funny.
Infact, they fucking hurt...

No crisps this week!

Besides TV... I have 1 other addiction...

... I decided on monday to not eat crisps for a whole week.
I lasted one whole day!

That's pretty pathetic isn't it?
I just ate 4 bags of walkers lite (like that makes any difference) back to back.
Not to mention the 2 I ate after lunch!
I think I may have an eating disorder....
In that I can't stop eating!
Or i'm just a fat greedy git.

Probably the latter.

Our office

My new desk.
Note the important features:

1 x Laptop
1 x Litre of innocence smoothie drink
1 x Bottle of water
1 x Michael Jordan picture to be put up
1 x mobile phone charger
1 x back pack.

What more does a girl need?

AVIT Clothing

Hannah's end... You can tell she works in fashion!

The lenth of the office....

We have some sorting out to do still....

We'll get there :-)

"The EX" etiquette

When you see an ex with his new girlfriend... Always smile sincerely.
Be polite. Show no malice or ill intent behind your eyes.
Be graceful. Not envious. Engage in enough conversation so as not to be rude.
Don't delve for any new information - who cares really?

Know that you are a better person for not behaving badly or bitterly towards your ex.
Even if you do want to spit in his eye.

Always say hello and goodbye.

Make strong eye contact.

Show him you just don't care anymore.. And that anything that was once there... Is now gone. Yup, allllll gone buddy.

...I just about remember your name my friend!

And as you walk away... Throw a smile that simply says
'Lovely to see you both and You're welcome to my sloppy seconds.... Enjoy'.

I sell people!

I sometimes think it'd be so much easier if I sold 'something'.
Like a real product!

My sister sells her beauty products.
Hannah sells her AVIT Tee's and Hoodies.
The studio round the corner sells Mirrors with weird decorative things on them.
My mate Ian sells his paintings.

I sell people.

Quotes I like

"Honest hearts produce honest actions".
Brigham Young.

Karma, Gym, pics - weekend update

Friday Day:

The day could not have started any better: I got a bank payment from Lloyds for my reclaimed bank charges. Just under £1500.00 – It took 6 months, a court date.. but I hung in there!!
Time to book that well needed holiday me thinks :)
Previous blog on this here>>


As I was driving to my mate’s house... I drove past a women with 3 dogs. 1 of them was lying in the shade… Like he had collapsed from the heat (it was hot on friday). I thought about my sis and her 3 dogs and knew I had to stop and help. I was already thinking I have 12 bottles of water in the boot – I can give her those for the dog. As I stopped to stare at this lady and her dogs the traffic started to build up behind me… and they started tooting at me to move on. So I whizzed around the corner and parked up… Ran down the road to see if she was ok.

She was fine.

The dog was a lazy bugger who just liked to have random lay downs the owner told me.

Anyway, she was delighted to have me run up and offer her water for the 3 dogs. She accepted. So I went to give her some bottles of water and realised that I was stood right outside of my friend’s house. So I went in and asked him for a bowl of water for the dogs. Thanks fully he said yes!Good deed done.. Ended up playing with dogs for about 10/15 mins.They were totally cute.

This dog made me pull over!

FRIDAY night:

I went to buy a bottle of Baileys in Tesco’s. Not sure what I had on my mind… But I turned onto a new aisle, and this woman nearly walked into me…I nearly screamed out loud! (thank the lord I screamed internally) – it was a woman in a BURKA. The only thing on view was her eyes. Which were behind glasses. The type of glasses that magnifies your eye’s, like 5 times bigger than they are.

So picture this: A TALL woman, completely covered head to toe in black, with magnified eyes, nearly colliding with me, whilst my head was already in cloud cuckoo land.
Properly freaked!

I can deal with the hijab – where the whole face is on show… But the Burka, wow! That's fierce!
Kinda understand the uproar it caused in france and teaching kids wearing it!
If it scared me....

It genuinely freaked me out. But I think it was more the big eyes. Big eyes in or out of a burka are fucking weird! I proceeded to walk around the store saying inside my head ‘what the fuck? What the fuck?’


GYM UPDATE: Running wk 4 – Day 3

So here’s what I did today:
Run 3mins, Walk 3 mins
Run 4 mins, walk 4 mins
Run 3mins, Walk 3 mins
Run 3mins, Walk 3 mins

Covered 3k today – woohoo!
I done 31mins on the tread mill.
Done loads of push ups and sit ups today!


After leaving the gym and passing my local fire station I was nabbed by a black fireman.I noticed there was a lot of black Staff about and no fire engines. There was a black DJ, Black nurses and black doctors all onsite.

It was a massive recruitment drive to get more black people to donate and get on the register for the
Anthony Nolan trust. There are not enough black people on the bone marrow register and it being on it could help so many black people with leukaemia – so I thought sod it Rem, take 30 mins out of your day and do it!

So I did.

Fact: if you are white and have leukaemia there is a massive register and a 1 in 3 chance of finding a donor.

If you are black however, there is a 1 in 100,000 chance of finding a donor.
They be some sucky statistics.
So I gave a sample of blood and added myself to the register.

Knowing my luck – I’ll get called up straight away!


An impromptu picnic, wine drinking and hanging out in Greenwich park…
What a glorious day it was. I hung out with some of the bball girls and our 2 coaches.

Sunbathed and took lots of pics, had a good laugh and catched up with the guys.
The weather was amazingly hot.
Drank too much wine!

< Me being creative


There was a gathering at my mate Jimbob’s house (on the left).

Old school mates congregating.
Drinking, smoking and playing poker.

I’m officially an old woman!

After eating a kebab and chips (you know it’s a must have after boozing all day)..

I think I fell asleep about 11.45pm on jimbob’s sofa.

I’m rubbish and I know it.

< Colin fell asleep before me teehee...

Popped around to see my mum real quick this morning.
Kelly popped around to fix the leak on my radiator this morning.
Lovely to see him as always. Forgot to ask him to try and open my stuck kitchen drawer thought. Doh!

Went for a quick run today…

Warm up:
Ran 5 mins, Walk 3 mins, Sprint 1 min.
Covered 1k

Did 11mins on the machine.

I was supposed to do a timed mile today… could not be arsed.

Got on the bike and cycled for 10mins,
Got on the cross trainer and did 10 mins.
Push ups… Sit ups.


Met Richard for Lunch in Greenwich.
Ate a delicious roastie at the North pole.
Drank some pimms… yum.

Went to the Novotel and watched a Jazz act.
Was all very serene and civilised this avo!


Went and saw my mate Ian in the Greenwich market. I nearly brought a picture for £120 off his mate… for my front room. Bottled it! That’s the equivalent of a short flight somewhere!

Took some pics of the burnt down cutty sark :-(

I met Lorna for a drink or two at the Trafalgar tavern.
We sat along the river front, drinking pimms by the jug (it’s the only way), discussing men and people watching. Man, we do that so well. Lol.

We’ve established: Size does matter!
If you’re short… No way Jose. Jog along.
A wee man is not a good look…. Unless of course you are wee yourself.
I however am not wee.

It’s really nice to have a girlfriend - who isn’t mental…
And whom I don’t have to phone, like everyday…
to validate a friendship.

They are few and hard to find!

Blogging worldwide - blog visitors! Part 1

Ok, so this is a little self indulgent...
Well, actually.. It's very self indulgent and self loving too yadda yadda yadda.

However I think it's really cool... So I'm gonna share it!

I've been looking at where my visitors to this blog page have been coming from over the last 24 hours.. There are quite a few regular visitors to this page.

There are some tres bon destinations in there too.. Thailand? Poland?

There was me thinking it was just my little circle of friends in London, England....

The power of the blog:

Texas, Dallas, United States

United Kingdom,England,
London, England, Luton
Minnesota, Pequot Lakes, United States
Virginia, Herndon, United States
New South Wales, Sydney, Australia,
Victoria, Melbourne, Australia,
Podlaskie, Bialystok, Poland,
California, Mountain View, United States,
Delhi, Delhi, India,
Texas, Dallas, United States,

Love it!

Hello friends xx

Thou shall not feed the trolls.

This is one of the 10 comandments of blogging
(I'll post more of them in due course)

* Thou shall not feed the trolls. When people spew insults, pick fights, or take contrarian positions just for the sake of being contrary, ignore them. Insulting online miscreants or engaging them in arguments accomplishes nothing, it just further pollutes the pages with pointless back-and-forth.

I love the word 'Troll'.

'Muppet' is also good.