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Count your calories to get fit!!

I found a FREE calorie counter...

When you're about to bite into that Bacon sandwich that is dripping with fat aand butter... But tastes oh so good...

You can work out how much it'll cost ya here:

Women we're supposed to consume up to 2000 calories and men... 2500.

Jango and - MUSIC online

I had a nice tip off today that i'll share with any music lovers....

I had previously raved high reviews about but there is now a similar one trying to fight its way to the top of the 'Internet radio' charts.

Check it out:

It allows you to play music that you want by matching music to your favourite artists.

And it's FREE!

not sure it's as jazzy and sexy as but seems to have a large catalogue of music and allows you to socially network with people too.

Let's see if this one catches on.

Peace x

''Couples night''

It’s becoming increasingly hard to remain patient with friends who overlook me because I am not 1 half of a couple anymore.

Yes, I am single again.

My dearest friends repeatedly have dinner parties where I am not invited as it’s a ‘couples night’.

Umm, what the fuck?!?

And how very dare someone judge you on your god damn ‘relationship status’ in life, I think it’s a fucking outrage.

So, because I do not have someone’s hand to hold at a dinner gathering, that somehow now handicaps me?

Does being single mean somehow you are changed and can no longer converse with friends or eat and drink in an enclosed space now?

When did single-dom become some new form of disability?
Where you have to be excluded from things?

Did I miss that chapter of the book?

It’s pathetic and narrow minded and I think that when I am in a relationship(again)I shall not exclude any friend of mine because of their relationship status.

“Oh, you’re STILL single are you? Fuck you, you’re not coming to my dinner party”


A meal with friends is a meal with friends and a good night out with friends is a good night out with friends.. Whether they are single or have a partner.

Anyway, balls were royally busted today over this latest debacle…

And I was promptly invited to my friends for dinner this Saturday.


A good moan can sometimes be very successful. Don't accept any shit.
Get moaning people!!

Your dad dancing?

This is simply, brilliance:

I love this song SOOOOO much....
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