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Film reviews in one word (ish)

Mission Impossible - Excitingly good [Remi Rating 3.5]
Da Vinci Code - Cack. Poo. Plop. (well... they are 1 word each right?) [Remi Rating 0.5]

Failure to Launch - Funny, well delivered [Remi Rating 3.0]

Bonjour mon amie

I haven't written on here for sometime as I've been too busy to just about breathe.

My current life involves a massive web design and build project for a new online directory search site.

Similar (but better) than

Boy its big.

So i've been engulfed in that for over 2months now - but its nearing the end now..
I can see that light at the end of that Loooooonnnnng Tunnel!
I've also been running my business - going well still.
I've also begun p/t work for a company co-ordinating some big projects for them.

So every hour of my life is pretty much accounted for at the moment with work.
But I love to be so busy - it makes it so much sweeter when I rest.

Hence my favourite quote of the week:

'Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop.'