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Onyx died today

My baby girl cat Onyx - died in the early hours of this morning.
It was sudden and a great shock to me.

I miss her so much already.
Man, I loved that cat.

I will write more about her when i can compose myself a bit better.
Spent all day crying.

Love you Onyx bear.

Remi's Photoshoot

Today is Hot.

I leave home at 9.05 on the scooter.

So I arrive down some dodgy looking lane in east london - at the end of Brick lane. I'm on the bike and i look at the block of flats facing sunbury studios and think to myself. Where the hell am i going to leave my scooter with out it getting robbed from here?


So I find a gate, in the workshop area and lock the bike up against that. Silently, i do a little prayer to god that no one will rob my bike.

I unload my bike.

Now believe me - i've never packed so much onto MY Little fella.

I had a huge fan strapped on the back of the bike (looked like some weird kinda bike A/C), I had a digital radio, i had tons of drinks, food, a laptop, rain clothes and summer clothes. I'm surprised the poor thing moved.

So i find the workshop - and i'm thinking to myself.. This is gonna be proper grubby :-/
I hadn't been to see it.
Ben (my photographer friend) found it. I trusted his judgement.

it's 9.55am.
I walk up the authentic wooden, and what looked liked hand carved stairs.. I could actually smell the wood.Turned into this all white, small, compact studio.
2 women were there.

I met Murae - the studio owner.Petite, long brown hair.
And Met Ina. The make up artist i found via Gumtree last night.She's small too. Lithuanian.
I got a good feel about her work she had sent me.And a good feel about her too, straight away.
Then Ben showed up.

I met Ben about 8/9 months ago - and i'm glad i've found him.
His photography is awesome. and he's doing me an fantastic deal today.
However there are no models. I didnt even worry about it for a second.

Then Ben says. Remi i saw a girl with big hair downstairs.I said, that'll be Yinka, the black girl.
So i go and get her from the car.She's with her manager and comes up with her suitcase and bits and bobs. She has amazing BIG curly, golden hair.She's like a size 6.Striking.
Mad as a hatter tho, hehe.

I call Bhavika, the indian model. She's around the corner. I go meet her.
She's indian, long hair, small and petite.Very warm.
I help her with her little suitcase.

By 10.15 i have:
A studio
A photographer
A make up artist
2 models
So far so good :-)


I have wireless interenet connection - which means i can work while i am here. Yay!
I put the digital radio on - and it creates a nice atmosphere.

I go to buy everyone some drinks and bagels - cos its hot and people are doing this for free, so the least i can do is feed and water them.

Whizz off on the scooter... Down brick lane to bagel bake.

As soon as a i pull up outside the bagel shop - theres this crack addict onto me.
Starts hanging around the bike - and touching it.
I'm like - 'why me?'
I always find them.

Skinny, black man who is so high on something he has no idea what day it is or where he is.

So he begs me for money. I say no.
He begs me for a bagel. I say no.
He begs me for soup. I say no.

Whilst tying up my bike and trying to keep my wallet safe.

He's still stroking my bike.

So i'm like - what fucking bagel do you want?
he's like tuna.
I'm like 'ok'.

I'll get you a bagel 0 just dont tounch my bike ok?

He's like 'is it insured?'

A FUCKING CRACK BABY asked me if its insured.

I was like 'Yup, tuna right?'

I could tell he was hungry. so i figured, he had to wait for his food - so he wouldn't be stealing my bike in the mean time. And he would scare off any potential bike thiefs.

So i bought the crack baby a bagel and my bike was safe.

Rode off with him waving at me like like i was his new best friend.


Ben is giving me the most amount of jokes.
Is very gentle and passive.
But creative.

Watching him give direction and getting the girls to do crazy poses and jump about - is the funniest thing cos he's so gentle.

The girls are confident but a little inhibited and i think he's trying to get them out of their shells.
Yinka is hilarious.

We had a look on his laptop at pics of yinka.

she's in a red and white bikini..
Stunning shots.

He's a great photographer.

Bhavika is up now in a red and white dress...

I just had my make up done by Ina.
I have yellow, green and purple/pink eyes and peachy lips.
I look much softer than usual.

Not colours i'd normally choose.
But it looks good - i'll get ben to take a pic of me.

Part IV

Had my headshots shot done... hehe 15.00

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