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Quote on Women

"Women are like teabags.
We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!"
Eleanore Roosevelt

Who is Remi? Really.

You'll probably never meet someone like me again once you’ve met me.
I’m pretty unforgettable – and I love being just that.
Even if you don’t like me... I’ll still be unforgettable.

I would describe myself in words. But, I realise that just is not possible, because I am more than words - everybody is. So with that, I will embark on a journey to give you a glimpse in to who I am.

I have been told I am a very complicated person.
I would say this is true.

I’m pretty mellow and quite deep… Yet other times I can be dangerously hyper.
Once described by an ex boss as ‘having 2 gears – FIFTH and REVERSE’.
Spot on.

I’m naturally ambitious.

I do get frustrated easily, but not annoyed.
I confuse being annoyed with my actual frustrations.

I value honesty more than anything.

I never throw around the word of "love" it's a term which is highly abused. People nowadays seem to have lost all meaning of its true nature. I guess if they feel the only way to express themselves deeply is by saying such a word, then so be it. If I happen to use that word, then that means the person was able to attain a position in my heart. It's very difficult to say these emotions of mine because they are guarded by years of built walls. But as any old corroding wall, they are beginning, over time, to dismantle.

Which brings me swiftly on to TRUTH. That is all I ask.

Second chances are not my thing.
Does that make me a bitch? I don’t care if it does.

And TRUST. I believe TRUST is something which cannot be bought, taken or borrowed - it is something which is earned. Very few acquire my trust. Even though I have a lot of friends and I may know you, it doesn't necessarily mean you have gained my trust. It's a long process before I actually consider handing over such an important value to anyone.

I’m quite critical – but in an honest way.

I don’t have a constant mood.
Some therefore describe me as ‘moody’.
Which technically, I suppose is accurate.
But aren’t people who are constantly ‘passive’ or constantly ‘aggressive’ – Just as worrying?

I have a tendency to THINK WAY TOO MUCH.
I'm not the smartest girl in the world, and my memory is rapidly declining…
Nor am I the dumbest girl either.
Being streetwise is a priceless gift of nature and is not something that can be bought or certified.

Beneath my confident exterior, I stress and worry way too much.
I always question.
But my natural curiosity to psychology forces me to do so.
Question everything.

I watch way too much television.
I love team sports.

I love the ARTS.
I respect all types of art, because I can just lose myself in it.
The wonderful song and dance of a theatre show;
Vocals being belted out at a live concert, Standing before a painting and wondering what on the earth the person was thinking about when they conceptualized the idea. Reading a Tolkien book and thinking what a fantastic and lucid mind.

And photography, wow, the documentation of life by a still.
How powerful images can be.

And FILM. Man, I love great films. I feel the buzz sometimes, almost as if I were the director!
I also enjoy watching street performers; they are inspirational, confident, motivated and brave people.

Now let’s talk about writing. I love writing. My mind is always set on writing.
I can say that writing is probably deep down my truest of passions. Unfortunately, I’m just not always so confident about my writing, and doubt myself that I am doing it in the ‘correct way’ and using the right verbs or linguistics - that causes me not to write enough…

To arrange words making an attempt to tell a story or capture a feeling that another could possibly relate to or try to understand, is deeply satisfying. Writing is also a great way to clear bits out of ones mind and free up space. My mind is always whirring… I have a million ideas in there… Sometimes it just does not stop.

I enjoy reading, but in reality, I'm not much of a reader.
This may be because I watch too much TV.
I have to find a really good book in order for it to grab a hold of me.

I also enjoy the little things. Silence, Smiles, Laughter, Sighs, Hugs, An unexpected Call or Text, Stroking my cat, listening to water running in a stream or sitting besides the sea and listening to the sounds it makes, people watching, looking up at the moon and just wondering what’s going on up there, gazing at the night sky and the stars. Kind of cliché I know.

I don't ask for much off others.
In fact, very little.
Which is probably why others are drawn to me.

I have more friends than anyone I know.
People love to be around me and are quick to call themselves my friend.
Yet most times… I don’t like the nuances of people and would much prefer to be alone.

Though I am currently single… I don't deliberately push people away, but at times I just do it.

I rarely let people into this world of mine, I mean, really in.
But if I do let you in, consider yourself one of the few.


EASTENDERS – Where are the ethnic minorities?

Thought I'd share this:
I wrote this article for my other business website blog

EASTENDERS – Where are the ethnic minorities?

Why do main stream shows on British TV like Eastenders disproportionately represent the Blacks and Asians who exist in this world?

I mean, where in the East end of London, in reality, can you find a street that does not have more than a single minority family in it?

If you know of it – please tell me where it is, I’d love to go there and see it for myself.

At present, Eastenders have 1 elderly black couple in it who run a local mini mart store.
A black single mum, with 2 teenager daughters.
And the only token young black male on the screens is an uneducated street cleaner!
Who also, might I add, used to have a criminal brother who was always up to no good and pushing some dodgy deal through.

There are no Asians, Indians or any one from Europe cast on our screens.

My question is... Why is that?

This show is supposed to be up to date, current and dealing with topical issues... Yet grazes over minorities as if they don't exist.

You do have to wonder about what message this is sending out to the British public?
And also, how we're seen abroad.

And I wonder... Is this a deliberate message on the part of TV Company’s behind these shows?
Or one that is unfortunately there and exists simply through today’s circumstances and politics?

I’m particularly worried about the people whom, shall we say, are not that well educated or don't possess any real knowledge of the 'real world'. How will they ever know that not all black people are uneducated; Have jobs other than cleaning streets and don’t spend every day plotting ways to rob or steal from others?

Where are all the successful Blacks, Asians and Indian business owners?
Where are their family members?
Where is a taste of other cultures?

And I don’t mean merely throwing another Indian family into a corner shop, cue Coronation Street. I mean real families, with generations, quirks, ambitions, love, rivalry, history and all those exciting and real elements that exist in Ethnic families and cultures right across Britain.

I mean if this show is supposed to be representing the East end of London, in 2007 and not in London 1907, surely our TV’s should be showing us something very different?

It just depresses me sometimes to watch it and see no diversity – no realness, no truth .I mean at the very least, throw us in a West Indian shop on the square and lets see Ian Beale throw his toys out of his pram about his chip prices falling because of the Beef Pattie sales. How about instead of fish and chips for a change why not let’s see Peggy Mitchell going off to buy some curry goat with rice and peas for the Mitchell clan. And the token dreadlock Rasta, whom would invariably have to run the shop, would have to have some awful dalliance with Pat Butcher at some point… Wouldn’t he?

Ok, so my mind is running off track a little here. But you catch my gist I’m sure.

There are so many talented ethnic actors in London who would jump at the chance to be on top shows like this.

There are also so many talented black and ethnic minority writers who could help scope out and develop convincing storylines for ethnic families to be added to these soaps.
Yet they don’t ever seem to be used.

Why is that?

Is casting and using ethnic families really that difficult?
Is it because we now live in such a politically correct world that script writers are scared to portray ethnic families in certain ways, for fear of a backlash?

We need to find a middle ground on this instead of just doing nothing and ignoring it.

There are ethnic actors who want to work.
There are ethnic writers who want to work.

Wouldn’t it be great to just sit down and make it happen?

It’s time.

Remi Oduyemi
Founder of
Online portal for UK ethnic talent - Official BBC website for Eastenders

My TV Broke - But I still Love HEROES!

So last week weds... My big TV in my bedroom that i've had for some 10yrs plus, decided it was time to make its way up to heaven.

Being a self confessed TV addict (I know, where the heck do I find the time) I was more than a little bit distressed by not having a TV in my room anymore.

I'm well known for falling asleep with the TV on and waking up to the TV still being on...
I fond that there's something comforting about having the TV on and talking to me whilst i sleep...

More likely i have the TV shitting advertising slogans into my head as i sleep... anywhoo, i digress...

So I was a little freaked out - like, no sound or light in my room (I kinda have a thing about being in the dark on my own with no sounds.. Yeah, whatever, 30 and with issues.. big whoop)


My brother loaned me his SAD lamp a few weeks back (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - for people who get grumpy in the winter, when the weather is crappy etc...

And I decided if i had to get into bed...
And there was no TV to watch... I'd better start reading again...

I've annihilated 2 books in a week and so proud of myself.

That has not been done in some time, let me tell you.

By not having the TV in the bedroom also means i am now working more from my living room where the other big tv is (yes i work with the tv on - and sometimes the radio is on too - it is possible, honest gov).

So now i'm sat in the living room... and am surrounded by LOADS of dvd's that my friend who shall remain nameless, had downloaded off the web of some of the coolest TV shows and movies that are out right now...

BUT my laptop won't play 'em and my dvd player cannot handle DivX, mp4's and wma which all these bootlegs dvd... i mean copies are in.

So i ordered a new dvd player - which plays everything you throw at it!
And it arrived today...

Do I need to say - that very little work was conducted today....

hehe. Today was a self subscribed 'work free day'.

ANYWAYS... the point of this blog was actually to talk about my most FAVE TV program like ever ever in the whole of the world, no the universe, like EVER!!!!!!!!


Now The US can put out some garbage sometimes... But then it has it's moments of pure genius...

I give you the West Wing, The Soprano's, 24 (you gotta love it, all that action every hour!), Sex and the City, the list goes on and on...Not to mention south park and American Dad... and now... HEROES!


This show is simply incredible.
It's about people with supernatural powers. And the discovery and journey of understanding themselves and their new gifts in a bid to save the world... and that darn cheerleader who just can't die!

Ok, that explanation makes it sound pants, it really isn't.

I have all 18 of the 1st episodes and will spend all day on sunday watching them.

Feel free to join me - I will convert you....
Find out more here:

You tube has some trailors also...

Man I love this show... Long may it live...

Quotes I like

"There are those that sit and talk about what they dream of doing
and others who go out and do something about it."


300 - Movie trailer.. Like 'Oh, Ma, Gawww'

Spartans 'Never retreat and Never surrender'.

My current status: I'm wetting my pants in anticipation of this films release.

300 VS 1 Million!

Bring it on baby.

Movie: The Host

So this weekend... I had a bit of a girly sleep over weekend at my place with food, wine and movies.

And my friend Leafy loaned me this Korean film called The Host.

I watched it twice.

Basic premise is the film is about a dysfunctional Korean family... Who's little girl get's kidnapped by a monster.. Already sounds pants, I know...

However, it becomes fascinating very quickly once you get a first glimpse at the monster...

Now when I say monster.... Think.. of a cross between a Tadpole and a shrimp, throw in a bit of that monster from blade 2 with the Jaw that opens horizontally... about the size and color of godzilla... And then we have the bad ass monster.
The monster is a bit of a clutz and falls over quite a lot. Seems a bit playful (when not eating humans) and is quite acrobatic and nimble for his size.

The film is funny and witty. The film will make you jump. It will make you laugh out loud whilst scaring you a little bit. The film kills off some of the loved characters without hesitation - and the actors (for what it's worth) perform their socks off.

Props to the little girl who makes you feel her fear.

There is no hollywood ending.

Beautifully shot. Animation and graphics of the monster were superb.
I really can't say how much i loved this film!

Brilliant - better than i ever could've imagined.

Here's the trailer:

City Superstar - Has Launched!

I’ve created a new little project for myself…
It’s called City Superstar. It's gonna be off the chain!

I’m going to discover London’s most talented person.

Umm…. Only 8 million people to get through... Not much then.

Check it out: (Designed by Moi of course)

I just wrote a letter to the Mayor of London today and sent it.
I’m hoping he’ll get on board and support it.
We’ll see.

So many incredible things have already happened in a week:

My friend Leafy is on board as Asst Director of the whole project.
(It's nice working with someone again - and he's as easily exciteable as I am).

* The whole thing is going to be documented on film. Maybe i'll become a reality tv star (ha ha)
* We have an MTV video producer who has said he’ll make the winner a music video
* We have a record label who have pretty much said they’d offer a 1 record deal release
* And our myspace page has already kicked off full speed ahead

Exciting times indeed.