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I can't sleep. Been happening alot lately... too much in my head.
Been up since 3am.
Keep thinking about those damn 80's shows and realised i missed a ton off previous list...
Yes, that's what keeping me awake tonight.
Danger mouse - how could i have left that off?
Thunder, thunder, thunder cats.
Dungeons and dragons
Wacky races
ALF - now that was funny
Mork and Mindy
Punky Brewster - YES, i liked that show
The littlest HOBO - awwwwww that show was so cute
The wonder years - Kevin.
The Waltons - Come on now, that was a Sunday tradition in our house. I can hear the theme tune now.
Dallas - JR
Kids in the hall - 4 all you anoraks out there. That was some surreal arse funny shit, way ahead of its time. 'I'm squishing your head'.
Loved that.
TJ Hooker
Cagney and Lacey - I miss those girls
Colombo - I still like watching the re-runs of columbo
Doogie Howser... All though this could be early 90's. That kid had a big old basketball sized head.
Got any more I've forgotten?
Add them.. Lets reminisce together

80's TV

Working full time from home means I get to watch a lot of TV.
It has to be said that I miss the 80's / early 90's TV.
The Smurfs - Ahh little blue people with silly white hats. Love that. Pappa smurf was a pimp.
Sesame street
Bananaman - Remember Acacia Avenue?
Saturday superstore
The A-Team
The Golden Girls
Man I miss that stuff.
Those were the days.....

I have a new space on the web for my business.
It's great for networking with people in the music industry.
Loving it.
Lots of gifted artists on this space. Check me out...
I'm also in love with this womans voice:
Corrine Bailey Rae. Simply magical.

Saw Mikey today

I saw autistic mikey today....
He was rolling down the high street pushing a shopping cart full of plastic bags, wearing shades and looking back over his shoulder the whole time and not looking where he was walking...Seemed in a happy mood. 

He didn't see me today.
But I saw him.
That's what matters right?

Super heroes

My sis just said to me online:
"If you were a super hero, you would be "evil scorpio"
Ain't that some funny shit?
Only cos i said i couldn't believe my sister was jessica simpson.
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