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Another Birthday comes

OK, so in the usual fashion… It’s my birthday.
I always blog on my birthday… Every Year, come rain or shine:- )

How do I feel?

Umm.. The same as I do every year really.. Nonchalant.

Nah, it’s all good really.

I do find around my birthday – I’m a little bit more reflective on life, where I am, what I’ve achieved, where I’m going to, who I can live without, who I miss dearly.

I always plan to make changes here and there around my birthday time. I think we all do.
Some I actually do, some I just pontificate about…

But right now – life is good for me.
I’m healthy, focused, driven and content.

As usual there’s a lot going on for me.

Another season of basketball is about to start, my team, London Storm plays our first match tonight. We have a new team, with a fresh attitude and hunger for the game. It’s so exciting to be apart of it and to be apart of a ‘Team’.

My basketball events are ongoing and growing every year… the next event is in Dec.

The talent agency throws me challenges everyday – but my heart is into this so much – I know it will soon be a huge success when my brand name finally takes off.

I am planning a huge Actors Tradefair for next year – this event is coming together nicely.

And city superstar is about to roll in to town 

I don’t like to talk about my personal love life or relationships on this blog as I think it’s highly personal and something’s I think should be shared privately.

But I will say – I’m single again and am totally cool with that status.

Being single allows me to remain focused, not misguided and distracted.
Being single allows me to breathe deeply.

My only wish for this year is that I’d seen more sun.
My work and time has limited my ability to travel as much as I’d hoped for, this saddens me, but is most definitely rectifiable.

Tomorrow night I have friends coming out to a bar in London to celebrate my 31st birthday. The majority of them I consider to be my family and are people who matter to me the most in this world. They are Kelly, Jim-bob and Metin.

Whenever I see them they make me smile inside if that makes any sense to you.
I feel I can truly be me with them.

I can be a little bit wacky, blonde and even retarded if I want to be and they couldn’t give a shit. They know my heart and soul; and not many people do. They get me. My snappiness often is like water off a ducks back to them – it doesn’t even register to them. Why, because they know it’s often about something else and not them. We never argue. We just say ‘Fuck you’ and laugh at each other. Never has a grudge been held.

None of us are jealous of one another or ever try to bring the other down – we embrace who we are and I am blessed to have friends who I can be open with and whom just accept me ‘whole-heartedly’ for who I am.

Not ‘Remi the entrepreneur’.
Not ‘Remi the organiser’.
Not ‘Remi, the person I used to work with’.

But just ‘REMI’ – and all that comes with that.

Right now, I am reading a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.
It’s about the Law of attraction and focusing your mind on the things that you want and I’m finding it’s evoking a lot in me right now.

That’s all I’ll say for now.

Love y’all x

NYC October 2007 - 3 day trip

My NY trip was cool.
I went for work and attending an Actors Tradefair in NYC
I have loads of pics of my time there on Facebook.... So those of you who are my friends on facebook, you can check it out there...

Here are a few anyway...

The show.

Me and the big sis.

Me and B

David Letterman Show

Remi Recommendations - Clothes and Make up

If in NY (or other parts of America) - You MUST visit a new store called Steve and Barrys.


This store provides you with quality clothing at shoes at ridiculously reasonable prices. It's amazing.

I purchased a pair of quality basketball boots for $14 - that's a little over £7.
I also brought a pair of jeans, decent, for $8.

They also have Sarah Jessica Parkers fashion line where nothing is over $15.... That includes designer handbags and quality shoes.

Better still - they use MAN-MADE products and NOT leather and other animal materials.


check out: www.steveandbarrys.comto be wowed.

As someone who likes to wear make up I've found it tough lately as I am hyper allergic to most things I put on my skin. For example, if I wear Mascara and Eyeliner - besides the RED raw eyes I get, my eyes become so itchy, full of what I call 'Eye Bogies' and often end up with eye infections.

So I've been scouring the web for 'Chemical Free make-up' which generally appears to be quite expensive.

But I stumbled across a store in Greenwich Market who I must recommend to anyone who wants make up but doesn't want to poison themselves with chemicals.

So Organic
Eagle House
7 Turnpin Lane
SE10 9JA
Tel: 0208 465 5600

I purchased eyeliner for £5.50 and Mascara for £10.
For Natural and certified organic goods I thought this was v reasonable.

They also gave me some free samples of lipsticks and skin moisturisers to take away - and they offered a friendly, good, not in your face service.

Would highly recommend that you pop in.

Celebrity - Is Bull shit

Ok, I seem to be having a Britney Spears day.
Not sure what's going on with me today.

But what if this was your life?

Seriously, it's the most fucked up and scary thing i've seen in a while.
2 young women facing THAT.

It's like they are not going to stop until she kills herself or harms herself.
That's scary, intimadating, invasive, unneccesary and dangerous.

Just WHY??

For a picture?

Offer me all the money in the world... No thanks.

You would have to be inhumane to not feel a little bit sorry for her.
But some of you will say the opposite, just to be contrary and say well she has all this money, but you know what, whatever, she's human and this is just too much.

Britney is not fat

I'm astonished by how much the press are attacking Britney Spears about being 'Fat'.

Are you kidding me?
For a woman who's had 2 kids, she's in better shape than me, I haven't even had 1!

Just for the record... All of you who think she is fat, here's Something to measure her by, Beth Ditto.

I believe this is what is technically 'Fat'.
Britney is not even close. Come on people get real.

Dear Lorna

Hi honey,

I know you read this blog.
So here goes.



You know how 2 days before you left, it hit you that you were 'actually' leaving even though you knew for months you would be?

Well my moment has hit me too.

I keep going to my phone to text you an update you on the latest developments.. Or i go to call you for a quick chat.... And I can't.

That's mightly sad, I have to tell ya.

We all take friendship for granted sometimes I think and we don't always know what we have till it's gone.

Miss you loads babe.
I wish you well, you know that, but I wish you were here.

I wish I could've lied and told you all the worst case scenario's about going to live abroad.

But then i'd just be a terrible friend.

So i'm gonna pop a cork now, and blub some more at the TV.

Talk to you soon, hopefully x


Dear X Factor,
Can I just thank you for making me spend my sunday evening sat on my sofa BLUBBING at your show.

Why was EVERYONE crying?
No, seriously.

I ended up crying over the people who MADE it through and not even the rejects who I should've been crying for (good work by the way, they WERE shit).

Anyway, i'm glad this phase is over and now we can get on with the joy that is your show... 'Singing paupers who'll do just about anything' - at their very best.

And well done on kicking out the girl with the criminal record, i'm sure that now with all her hopes and dreams shattered, she'll go forth and stay clear of any crime that'll keep her in the ghetto. NOT.


Keep up the good work and i look forward to the next 12 weeks of sing-a-longs.

Toodle pip.

Remington of Lewish-Ham.

Michael Buble

Just for the record....

I intent to marry Michael Buble.
Right after I've married Justin Timberlake and divorced him that is.



Jamie Oliver - Raunchy Chef?

Now I know some people seem to think that I have a dirty mind...
But i'm interested to know if it's me or whether Jamie Oliver in his new show 'Jamie at home' is taking the piss.

In a 3 min segment about 'Mushrooms' i caught these words and sayings:
"Bare end"
"Taste the cream"

This was later followed up with the phrases:

"It's coming"
"look at the juice coming out"

Naughty Jamie!

The Mighty Boosh - Rules

This is just a reminder of the brilliance that is... Of The Mighty Boosh!

Man this show is TOOOOOOO good.

'Stealing the funk' and 'Mangina's' (as in Vagina's) - and Old Gregg.

This show just refuels me - it's fab.