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My OCD cat

My cat is a little OCD.
I just wonder if anyone else has noticed this about their pets?
It's fucking weird.. Yet Nauseatingly funny to watch.

Bop It Extreme 2

So the Jimmity Bob was out shopping with his Mrs just before crimbo when I got the call.

'Rem, I'm in a store and they have Bop-it - Shall I buy it for you?'

He knew of my struggles to buy it online with it being sold out like EVERYWHERE.

The purchase was made... and a few days before christmas I became the proud owner of my very own Bop It... :-D

Or more commonly known by me as the 'Slappy-thing'.

Despite a shaky start... I have today racked up my best score of 88.

The object being to beat the machine as it spits out 1 of 5 instructions to do (twist it, flick it, pull it, spin it, bop it etc), whilst it taunts you when you screw up.

I thought 88 was a wicked score until i did an online search and discovered some users have racked up blooming 250 points.

There is work to be done I tell you..