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The City of London

Today I was in the Kensington / Chelsea area looking at a venue for my next event.

I haven't been around that area 'properly' in years.
I was quite surprised.
No, scratch that.. I was REALLY surprised at how affluent and lovely it is.

It's the type of area you'd like to live in but know, you probably never will.

The cars were all easily £50k +, the woman looked liked they all had had surgery and sported the famous san tropez tans, they sported REAL designer handbags, the shops were high class, coffeeshops and eateries were everywhere and people were spending money in these expensive shops like we aren't about to go into a recession... I think we are by the way.... it's just around the corner, i can smell it in the air.

It was just an amazing difference to what i see on the streets of Lewisham.
People QUEUEING to shop in Primark and by £1 underwear.

The streets of Chelsea were clean. As in litter free. No mcdonalds litter or chewing gum staining the pavements. Just clean.

The shop fronts were unobtrusive and there was not a sniff of a spray can or any sign of graffiti anywhere.

I felt like i had landed on another continent.
Yet this was London.

As I got on the bus to head south (I thought i'd travel overland today rather than on the underground, so glad I did) - I started to feel a little bit depressed... that doesn't happen to often with me....

But as i passed big ben and the houses of parliament and went over the bridge and shuttled along the congested roads towards elephant and castle I felt myself sliding down the seat... slightly embarressed if i'm honest.

The streets became littered, people looked poor, ill even, the high class shops turned into fast food chicken shops, closed down businesses were bordered up, window displays were covered by window posters.

I started to feel like i live in the ghetto.
I don't.
But that's the overwhelming feeling I got.

I felt a rot in my stomach.

Sometimes lifting our heads over the parapit can be enlightening - but it can also be a bit depressing when you see how the other half live.

I know i should be greatful for all that i have and all that i am... but sometimes...

I just wish....

Laughing Baby, Brilliant

If i'm ever depressed I think this'll always lift my spirits.
This baby has the most adorable laugh and is cute as a button.

I watched this 10 times today and laughed every single time.

Just adorable.