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This is funny.. I look like Oprah :-)

Old friends and new additions...

I met up with an old friend of mine today who I haven't seen in over 3 yrs! Angie. Aww.

Met for a coffee and a chat and I also got to meet her gorgeous and yummy 3 yr old son Kai for the 1st time.

She's still 'Lovely' and Kai was a real credit to her, A beautifully behaved boy... Just adorable.

Kai, with his new red Light Saber that his uncle Leafy brought for him today...

And Leafy and Lauren - looking happy... Aww.

This new digital camera was a good investment me thinks ;-)

Quote of the week

I haven't added a quote for a while, so here's one I found tonight that talks about strength.
It made me think about why I am so strong in character, which made me reflect on the whopping heap of shit i've been through in my life so far...

I'm not depressed about it at all... Those be the cards that I was dealt.

It just occured to me, there really has been a lot of adversity and shit to overcome in my life and i have predominantly gone through it all alone...

That ultimately must make me what I am today.

So here it is, my quote of the week, short and to the point:

"We acquire the strength we have overcome."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Had a v nice birthday

Had a really nice birthday party at my house on weds night to see in my 30th.
Had some friends come by… We had plenty of food, music, wine and champagne.

Highlight was definitely opening a 1992 bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne that I’ve had for over 5 years already. Probably cost around £150 for the bottle.

It tasted superb!

Danced around my front room until about 2.30am.
Fell into bed, blissfully happy.

‘Twas a nice 30th birthday!

30 years old today *Mood: Not bothered really*

This is a picture of me, Aged 30! Woohoo.
(And my friend Clare, who's a darlin').

Well I awoke today, yes, the day that I was born on, a good 30 years ago...

And do you know what... It feels no different to yesterday!

Do I feel any wiser... Umm... nope.
Smarter .... nope.
Prettier ... lol, umm nope.
It's all the same really.

The one good thing about being 30 is that when I tell people I am 30, they never believe me. 'Spose that's something to keep me going through these forthcoming dreary winter months. Looking younger is always a good thing me thinks..

Well, I’m sat in my front room, looking out of my big window onto my neighbour’s house across the road, listening to a ‘Best of fun loving criminals’ CD (Scooby snacks and all that) and it's bloody raining outside.

The sky is at its best a traditional London grey!
The dark grey slate roof tops of my neighbours house are glistening with the trickling of rain water on them. People are walking up and down the road, head down, looking SO miserable.
I do wish I could live somewhere else for 6 months of the year… Somewhere warm and bright.

My cat Chi is sat on top of the digital box on the floor (keeping her bum warm) whilst looking at me, like ‘is this as good as it gets?’

Here’s my ‘exciting’ plan for the day of my 30th:

Morning: Cook some chicken for tonights party
10.55 – Get my car MOT at the garage, hmm, exciting.
12.00 Go to the Library and renew my books
Afternoon: Tidy up flat / do some work on my site
4pm: referee a basketball match at Brixton recreation centre (yes even with the knee in pain.. They were desperate...)

Sounds exciting so far right?

6pm: Shower / dress / look cute for party
7pm till late: Guests arrive… Dance, drink and be merry until I Pass out in my bed at some ungodly hour…

Looking forward to seeing my mates tonight, I love them all so much.

I feel lucky and blessed to have turned 30 and have so many good friends, who love me, whether I’m good or bad.
True friends.
The type of people who are simply irreplaceable.

And who’ve known me since I was a wee child. Ah.

Sodding knee cap

Went to a sports injury physio today....
The outcome wasn't great.

May need knee surgery...

Oh bugger.

Chi-Chi Bubba

This was too cute a picture not to share.

Me and Chi in bed... Look at her little pawsies..
Aww bless.


"The path and desire to ones own measurement of success, is long, winding and exhausting". Remi O

Travelling through time and space.. oh the Boosh....

Today I watched the entire 1st Series of the Mighty boosh (whilst working might I add).

I Love that shit!

British comedy at it's best:
Abstract, surreal, mental whilst bizarrely funny.

Electro poofs, talking Gorrillas, flying carpets and Nebu the Shamen.
Just Magic.

If you don't know... You better recognise.

There's somebody for everyone? ... Really? Whoever said that?

Tonight I went to a birthday drink up in Greenwich.
It was the trafalgar Tavern pub that sits comfortably along the river front of Greenwich, looking out over the river thames and sitting comfortably adjacent to the beautiful Royal Naval College.

It was great to see the all my boys whom I went to school with... Love them all SO much!
You can't beat true friends.

The gathering was for Tim and Errols birthday celebrations (2 brothers).

Everyone had partners and for the 1st time in a long time, I felt 'uncomfortably' single.

Then I spotted another old friend from school walking through the pub, Helen.
Was great to see her....

Except... She was also with her new Beau.

Again, I became aware of my 'single' presence amoungst all the kissing and cuddling going on around me in this big group of about 20+.

Is the whole world coupled up?

It really feels like it is tonight.

Couples, couples, couples...

Even the people who look like they shouldn't be in a couple... Are in couples!

I feel like a single freak roaming the world that seems to be full of couples everywhere I look.

Get on a bus... See couples.
Out for dinner... See couples.
Standing at the checkout... I see couples.
Go for a run... I see couples.


Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Dreams and bad people...

It's been sometime since I penned any words on here... For good reason.
I lost my baby girl Onxy and during my time of grieving I kind of lost the will to write and express myself.

Anyway, I think I’m ready again…

Still miss my baby loads!
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

So today, about 4.45am I awoke from a dream that ‘starred’ 3 people in the world that I trust the least right about now. 2 women and a man. 2 are regularly in my life, 1 pops up in my life more sporadically, but more recently, has seen me quite a lot…

I wonder if this is a sign of bad things to come in the near future?
Or maybe just a vivid warning?

These are the type of people who will smile a wide smile to your face… whilst plunging that knife deep into your back.

The sad and insecure type of person who’s only reason for disliking you – is that you are a stronger and more together person than they are.

Weak people.

I’m going to be swerve balling these people in the near future… However, as they are in my dreams, I’m sure something is brewing, something is imminent.

My dreams are always a sign of things to come.
I will be looking over my shoulder!