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No sleep

... I've been up all night in front of my laptop, writing emails and surfing the web!

Tomorrow is going to be a sucky day for sure!

My cat who had a very good sleep next to me on the sofa all night...

Just Got up.. yawned.. turned around and looked at me through her sleepy eyes..

And stared at me.

The look said 'You still here? Are we not going to bed yet?'

There's real daylight outside.
And the birds have actually stopped tweeting as t
he city is waking up...

...Whilst Remington is going to bed.


My Kitchen drawer nightmare...

It's been 7 WHOLE days....
Yup SEVEN whole days...

Count 'em up...

And would you believe it - I've still not been able to open my god damn kitchen drawer due to some random sodding utensil locking me out (you know when it gets stuck inside).

I have survived a week with:
1 Teaspoon.
2 forks.
1 cutting knife (ok to cut an onion with but not a water melon grr).
NO eating knifes.

Eating porridge and ice cream with a teaspoon... ummm, that's just about okish.
With my big mouth though I need a proper size spoon.

However, SPREADING BUTTER with a TEASPOON on to bread...
Is really not a good look.

I can't believe this drawer is STILL defeating me.
I seriously can't get it open - and yes i've tried from the back.

I need MAN help on this one..
Gonna have to call one of my mates over the weekend to help me...

Mood: Pissed & utensil-less

I love Pitbulls

This is how pitbulls should be seen more in the media.
Man, I love these dogs.

With the right owners.... They are a joy to behold.

See my previous rant on chavtastic dog owners

Big Brother 8 - Remi's first impressions of the housemates pt 2

A Fat Orange faced nanny entered.
With a stupid thick annoying accent.

P.S I like welsh people really

Every Laura I know... Bar one is Fat!
I'm not naming my child Laura.

Her friends.. Yep her FRIENDS think she looks like Peter Kay.
A big fat northern bloke. Riiight.

I hope there's a running machine in the house.


Why do they all keep screaming when someone walks in?
Can they not just say HELLO like normal people?

The old bird looks like she might pull aknife out of a drawer and stab someone any minute.

22.05 Nicky nicky nicky...
An adopted Catholic Indian bird enters.
FUCKING awesome - a bit of rebellion. She looks like she has cahoona's/
She smokes and drinks and is not religious.
She would choose Vodka over men. She looks moody and like she likes a good argument.
I want to be HER friend.

22.09 OH MY GOD.



Looks like a giant turd on her head.

SERIOUSLY... did they find her coming out of a mental health hospital.

men and women would go there? Fuck off. I don't believe it.
Look at the size of it.


I bet she smells of piss and BO.


Nuff arguments to come...



Forgot to record the Apprentice on the BBC 1 whilst watching BB on 4.

Big Brother 8 - Remi's first impressions of the housemates

Eating ice cream.
Decided to do a live blog and write my first impressions so that i can see how right or wrong I am by the end of the series. Impromptu so my typing might be a bit shit.

1st up - Sam and Amanda - Twins. Joint IQ (Yet to be discovered).
Think Olsen twins... Yup. JUST AS ANNOYING!
Seriously. Why were they not drowned at birth?

Next. Some old bird. Forgot her name already. But I foresee a mental breakdown and proper screaming outburst from her in about 2 months. She might stab someone as they sleep. whilst cackling to herself.

21.30 - Charley the 1st Black housemate enters the BB house... Quote 'I love money'.
She's unemployed and hangs around footballers and likes to party.
She's got long fake hair. Brought in 60 pairs of knickers. She wears hot pants and shakes her arse. My friend J would so bang her.
Bet she's gonna embarrass black ppl as all BB house mates inevitably do.

Tracey. 30 yr old hippy with pink hair. Looks like she needs a good wash and will have a BO problem. She also has a man's voice. Possible transexual. She likes dairylee. Fact.
I think she's gonna miss her spliffs and cocaine if she lasts the whole 3 months.
I don't think the housemates will like her. too Individual.
I'm loving that she had the word 'AVIT' on her floor and said 'AVING IT' as she walked in.
Big up my hannah at AVIT!
Her quote: unlucky kentucky.

21.45 Channelle enters.
From yorkshire. I hate her already.
Anyone who wants to be victoria beckham should be shot.
19. A proper Wanna be.
Ambitions: To be rich and famous. OK THEN.
She will have sex in the house... with anyone, so she can sell it to the papers when she leaves.
She will wear bikini's CONSTANTLY.
She will have conversations with the housemates WHILST looking in the camera.
She will cry for attention.
She will leave the house and get her tits out for a lads mag. Guaranteed.

21.47. Shabnam. Indian CHAV. Fuck off. Twat.
She likes people who like to eat.
what a clever girl.
I repeat. FUCK OFF.

21.50 Emily arrives.
Blonde Indie girl. Likes rock boys. Looks like she'll be the honest sort.
Seems quite nice.
Favourite word: Hoodwink
That's a fricking cool word.
I like her.

Big Brother is back - HAPPY days!!!!!!

Channel 4 just got spanked by OFFCOM for allowing all that 'racialist and bullying' behaviour earlier in the year against Shilpa Shetty (Indian Actress).

There was no apology from channel 4 as speculated in the media.

Just an official ass spanking.


P.S. ... I love Davina!
P.P.S .. I'm totally excited the show is back!

(There are 14weeks of this show - hence why it get's it's own label )

Running update - Wk 4 Day 2

Back on it today...

Ran 3 mins (fooking hard) then Walked 3 mins X 4.

I did it all as per plan... And it was tough... But I felt good at the end of it.

Covered 2.55km.

And spent 26mins on the machine....

I'm a little bit worried that i've only ever covered a distance of 2.5 km

Esp when i'm supposed to be running 5km soon :-/
..And 2.5km leaves me looking like a drowned rat when i've finished.

I hope this plan pans out for me... a little dubious it has to be said.

Just went to the shops AND.....

2 things -

FIRSTLY... why did it rain the VERY second I stepped out of the door.
And stop the second I got back in?

We are talking a 3 min window here - it hasn't rained ALL DAY!

SECONDLY... (Brace yourselves)


When did it become acceptable to help your 2/3year old child, on a public high street, take a shit?

Let’s be clear…. Not a pee (that perhaps the poor little lad just desperately could not hold in).

But actually hold your child whilst he POO’S on the pavement.

I actually saw the faeces slip like a smooth milkshake out of his bottom.

Then his parent pulled his pants up.
Walked off and left a steaming pile of shit for all and sundry to see, SMELL, slip in or have to watch some dog lick.

Are you frigging kidding me?

Bestest products.. Like Ever!

1) Innocent smoothies...
I don't care if I have no money in my pockets - I'll find that £3 a litre for their drinks...
They are off the charts! All natural - All fruit!

2) Green and Blacks Organic ice cream...
I'm not normally a crazy ice cream gal - but when I see G&B's tubs.. 2 for a fiver... It'd be rude not to.

They are the best. That is actually a fact. Like really.

The Cutty Sark Fire - Devastating

Just for the record this SUCKS ass!
Whoever did this deserves their very own, personalised and pointy ship's mast shoved right up their crack for this.
As a child, we went on school trips every year to see this ship.
If i'm truthful - I didn't quite dig it as a child. I had no interest in it at all at the time.

But when it's something that you see (atleast once or twice a month) - and it get's taken away from you...
It kinda bruises the heart a little.

I'm beginning to see why people like history.

It was 138years old.
It was a powerful and dominating figure on the Greenwich landscape.
I can't believe that mindless thugs - left it looking like this.
It's beyond sad really.

How she used to look:

Fortunately the ship's rigging, seen here in 2005, along with much of the decking, had been removed to allow restoration work to take place on the hull. A forensic investigation has already begun, with police treating the incident as suspicious.

Londoners Stop Whinging... Please.

Why do people always get so pissed off in stores because they have to queue for like..
Oh I don't know... say SIX minutes to get to a cashier?

Then they look at you (in the queue in front of them) - like you're supposed to agree with them at the inconvenience it is to their life. Err... How about fuck off, you sad miserable whining twat.

I mean seriously, are there not worse things in life to get stressed about and raise your blood pressure for?

Is SIX minutes REALLY that long?
Go on... Think about it.

They normally are: Grumpy old men / Grumpy (normally fat) women (cos their ankles hurt from all the weight they are carrying) / Or people in their 20's who are just discovering themselves and think it's cool to speak loudly in public - All huffing and puffing because they have to queue to pay for their goods.

Grumble grumble.. why have they only got one till open? Grumble grumble grumble.

Like there should be a cashier that magically appears, at the precise moment that they are ready to pay.

The above is also applicable for people waiting for buses, trains or for a waiter to come serve them.

How about one portion of Shut the hell up?

Running update - wk4 Day 1


So i'm now on week 4 of my bupa running programme.

I even bought new running shoes on sat AND some proper running socks.
The socks are padded in the right places and they are also ventilated. They are like magic socks.

So I got to the gym this morning and realised that I had not picked up my running plan and didn't know what I was supposed to be doing today...

So i just free styled and figured I'd do the official plan task tomorrow.

So today:

I did: Run 90 secs x walk 90 secs X 4

I took it fairly easy today as I played basketball last night and ran my timed mile on sunday.

Then I hopped off and done shit loads of push ups.
Proper ones. Not girly ones with the knees on the floor...
Honestly, what's the point of that?

Tomorrows running plan is to run 3mins x Walk 3mins X 4 - Holly foccacia.

Ricky Lake... Looking good!

... Ok ok...

Now I know Ricky Lake looks great in this picture and has lost a shit load of weight and all... Well done love.

But what the fuck is up with that GINORMOUS head of hers?

She still has a fat person's size head.

And is that a bit of a man chest I see there?

Yeah I drink haterade...

... I don't care.

My fave blog (at the moment)

I found this blog about 2 years ago... Through the sheer power of 'surfing the web'...

It's called 'Anne... Straight from the hip'.

I just stumbled upon it and I love her writing, her style, her train of thoughts.. Just IT!
I love her photographs too...

She's a great writer.

If you fancy a read of a good blog sometime, check this one out.
You'll love it!!

I just read this one she wrote... It's a bit about PMS (See my own blog rant on this)...
and about people's behaviour. Great blog!
I like a woman who is not scared to use the Cunt word... IT'S JUST A WORD people!!!!
Get over yourself.



Basketball is the one thing that allows me a true and complete escape from life.

I go there and I play hard for 2 or 3 hours and the only thing I think about - is BASKETBALL!

Me, my game, beating others and working hard!

No worries about bills.
No worries about fellas.
No worries about scabby girlfriends.

No worries about ANYTHING.

It all gets vanquished away.
The great thing about it is you don't realise whilst you are doing it that its reducing your stress and worries without you even knowing it.

I got home tonight - after an impromptu scrimmage - and I feel GREAT.

My sadness and disappointment of yesterday - GONE!
Onwards and upwards...

I Love BASKETBALL and all its uncertified healing properties!!!

I don't care how cool Michael thinks he looks..
He still looks a bit gay to me.

I laughed so hard when he bust this one out.
I was bent over in stitches.

Had to make him strike a pose!

Saturday - BBQ at Mike Mum's 50th

Mike and His Ma..
She looks great for 50.
Bless her... It was a great party.
Superb food!

Me, Mike and Laura.
(Bball crew)

Me and Mike


Friday night - Brown Sugar Bar

I'm proper photo happy at the moment

This is my friend Larry Jazz... Mixing it up @ Brown Sugar on Friday night. I love his tunes!

He's a bballer - veteran stylee hehe x

Trying out my black and white shots...
Just cos.

Running update - wk3 Day 2

Well at the end of this week according to my running plan I was supposed to run and time my first mile.

So I did it today.

I wanted to be under 10mins...

However... It HURT!

So I completed my first recorded mile in....

A whopping....

11mins and 10secs!

£129 one way flights to New York

.. I like to share my findings..

£129 (one way includes taxes and all meals) to NYC.
0870 240 0055

£260 return is about right to NYC and they do daily flights...

So if my fave airline Virgin is booked up or BA....
Then there's now FlyZOOM.

Bookmark it!

'AUNTY FLO' visited this week - and my Running update - wk3 Day 1

I was back in the gym today after a whopping SIX day absence.

Reason for this:

1) The weekend got in the way (way too much fun was to be had)
2) My ‘Aunty Flo’ arrived on Monday… And when 'that time of the month' comes around quite frankly, I become a useless specimen. I generally go into hibernation & sleep for 2 days until it passes!

On Tuesday I actually got dressed in my gym clothes, packed up the Ipod and my water bottle.. I got to the front door and Aunty Flo took over and dictated that I go straight back to bed immediately. I didn’t even take my gym clothes off before I was asleep. This also happened on Wednesday too. I did however try…

On weds - half way through my 'forced by aunt flo - back to bed nap', whilst still dressed in my gym clothes... my mummy moo rocks up and rings the doorbell. Forcing me to wake up and open the door… Yep, in my gym clothes whilst half asleep.

She was all perky; I was all frowny (that’s not even a real world lol).

I think I actually made her a coffee with my eyes still closed... And I kept rambling on about 'I was going to the gym... honest' - because it was way past 12pm and I had blatantly been busted - still sleeping lol. Anyway - she offered to buy me lunch. I wanted to say no, but Aunty Flo forced me to say yes and forego the gym.

We ended up going to Maggies café. She wanted to walk – I was having none of this walking malarkey... so I drove – its about a 10 min walk teehee, I’m a bad child I know, I know… But she put up as much resistance to getting in the car as I did to saying ‘No.. err Yeah’ to having lunch in a greasy spoon café instead of going to the gym.

Aww good old Irish Maggies cafe in Lewisham – It’s a LEGENDARY café, it’s been there as long as I can remember … my earliest memories of it are from about age 10 +. I ended up eating a HUGE omelette with chips... I didn't want to do it.. But Aunty Flo made me! It was delicious and contained Ham, cheese and onion… Yumtastic.

We had a good old chat... It was really nice.

I dropped her home - and remembering that she had a garden... and what with the sun being out (it was stonkingly hot day yesterday) - Aunty Flo suggested to me that I go and sunbathe in the garden, read magazines and keep her company (I played no part in this decision whatsoever it was all aunty flo's doing) - I ended up sitting about in pink shorts, big glasses and a vest - ripping out advertorials from magazines - this was all so I didn't feel too bad about doing NO work that day - I kinda felt like I was sort of working.. You know... Research for work blah blah companies to contact… blah blah blah).

I tell you what... She’s a right bossy cow is my aunty flo – I’ve learned there is no arguing with her… If she tells me to eat chips and bacon for breakfast… then I shall… if she orders that instead of the meat I have sensibly marinating in the fridge… that I forget about it and go and buy chicken and chips cos it’s easier – then I shall. If she orders that I eat 2 bars of chocolate straight after, then who I am to argue?

Besides Monday (her day of arrival - I managed to cram in 1.5hrs of playing basketball & a day at the office) – ½ of this week has pretty much been a write off in terms of exercise and doing any real work - ALL because of my Aunty Flo visiting.

Men will never understand this problem... It's actually like your body has been taken over by some outside being... And your normal life is put on hold. There's no if's or buts about it or rationalising it. Some months I try and fight it... But this month.. and with the hot weather to boot... No chance!

And weirder than that.. only some women have this happen to them.

I’m pleased to say that today she has left (yay) – my tummy can return to its normal shape and size, my hormones are back in ‘sensible and controllable’ mode – et moi… Back in the gym!

Happy days.

The Running Update:

Well… It’s pretty poor if I’m honest:

Run 1min & Walk 1min x 5
In actual fact… It should’ve been x 10 – however my shins were killing me by the time I got to the 10 min mark… So I spent 15 mins in total on the runner and covered only 1.6 km. Poor show, I know!

I need to purchase new runners… end of!

By the end of this week I have to run and time my 1st recorded mile!
(according to my bupa running plan)

I cycled for 15.
Done 10 mins of weights (arms are feeling Goooood)
Done 10 mins of Sit ups and Push ups.

But again the Ipod died on me (i'm not impressed – me needs to visit the Ipod store, my baby is having some sort of mid life crisis – full battery but keeps turning itself off.. Not good).

So I had kiss fm blasted out of the gym’s stereo but as I appeared to have turned up during ‘The gyms granny hour’ - 2 old dears kept turning it down because they said ‘it was too loud’… I wouldn’t dare argue with either of the 2 old Jamaican granny’s (I have one of my own... I know better than that) so I had to concede.

Without my music to spurn me on I lasted 50 mins in the gym today.
Better than nothing I suppose.

I confess I like to swear from time to time... So?

Can I just say that if you don't like the swearing in my blog... Then ermm how about..fuck off!

I know how to write without swearing.. However, it would not really be 'my style' not to (on some occasions). Language to me is fun. Language helps (I believe) to define us and who we are. Language is about expressing yourself, at all the various levels.

I've spoken this way since I was a child.
My mum allowed us to swear, as she believed it was an expression of self.
Not AT her, of course, but at one another if we wanted to.

You'll notice I use it more when ranting or am really passionate about something.

I'm not dumb.
I know big words.
I can have an intelligent debate 'without swearing' if I choose to.

But you know what, this blog is about me!
The realness of me... I'm not trying to be something i'm not.
And from time to time, I will swear just because I want to!
And you know what… sometimes it just feels so good!

Live with it...

Or Jog on.

Couldn't care either way....

... Shit fuck wank.

Can't sleep... But it's my own fault..

I'm no scientist..

But i'm pretty sure of my theory that... over the last week and a half, my not being able to go to sleep before THREE am... Is very likely to be related to OR May have something to do with those afternoon 'siesta's' i've been slipping in.

I've been kidding myself that they are 'power naps' and wont do me any harm.

They are infact - 'sleep behavioural fuck ups'.

It's 2.45am and i'm not even close to sleepy yet.
I'm about to watch another episode of Soprano's and then desperate housewives on the laptop... I'm about 4 wks ahead... which is something good I suppose!

I'll probably nod off when the little birdies start tweeting circa 5am.

Be original...

... Be original.
... Be yourself.
... Be different.

Stop copying other people's shit / other people's style / other people's essence...

Immitation is the WEAKEST form of art.

Some say that one should be flattered when someone tries to be like you...
I think it makes them just look sad...

Know who you are first... Before you try to be like someone else.

...YOU know who you are!

Mars STOPS using animal products - U turn?

Not that my blog had anything to do with it...
I was just venting in an earlier blog about the potential loss of eating some of my fave bars of chocolate... because of animal intestines being added to them.

Yesterday however, Mars did a big fat U turn... They apologised and have now said they are NOT going to be using those nasty nasty animal products in their chocolate!

Thank the lord!

Was probably all a big publicity stunt.

Anwhoo... I pinched this blurb off another site:

Mars in public apology

Mars has taken out full-page adverts in national newspapers to apologies to consumers.
The move has been taken after a public outcry in response after it emerged the whey used in the company’s chocolate products was changing from a vegetarian to an animal based source.

Some of the nation’s best loved brand - Mars, Snickers, Maltesers and Galaxy – were to be affected.

In a statement in the press adverts, Managing Director, Fiona Dawson, said, “We made a mistake. We apologise. The consumer is our boss. Therefore we listen to your feedback.
“But being sorry isn’t enough. Therefore we commit to you today that we at Mars UK will ensure that a selection of your favourite brands will be suitable for vegetarians in the near future.”

Dawson said the company would be changing their manufacturing process from today and that consumers would be informed on progress.

“Expect to hear from us soon, “ she said.
An embarrassing U-turn for the company? Perhaps.
However the headlines following Mars’ plans to introduce animal products provided no end of exposure, negative as it was.Today’s move certainly positions the company as consumer friendly and ethical.

Site taken from:

My previous blog:

A Weekend of nothing but FUN!!

Saturday Day: I took a day trip out and visited Leeds Castle (not in Leeds, but kent) with Jitka and Laura (Girlies on my bball team) - we got to speak to Parrots (Seriously, birds talking to you - is totally fricking cool!! - Like BIRDS!!!!! Actually talking - One asked us: 'Would you like a Hot dog?' AND then he had a bit of an argument with himself as well - that was funny) Oh how we laughed!

The Parrots were my highlight - they would fly over to the cage and get up close and look at you with their head turned sideways (cos their eyes on the sides of their heads)....

One was definitely checking me out!

We touched & Stroked baby Owls!
Fed the roaming peacocks.

We saw falcons Swoop over our heads and chase the seagulls!
& 3 girls... Naturally, we got lost in the adorable maze.

Oh yeah - The castle was alright too... Set in the most beautiful grounds!

Saturday night - My Friend Leafy had a BBQ at his place.

< Leaf and the Remstar

<-- Leaf and his Beyatches!

I took with me: Jitka and Laura and then invited my 2 basketball coaches (Mike and Eric) to come too - and they brought another friend as well. So the BBall squad represented! It was a good giggle! Lovely people, plenty of good food (including the home made cheesy burgers laura and I made) and AMPLE booze... I went home very merry indeed.

Sunday Day: Photoshoot: Avitclothing.
I spent the day helping out my friend Hannah at her photoshoot today (Hannah is my new office buddy - we share an office together, but both run our seperate business indepentdantly).

Got to meet some cool people: kick boxers, skaters, dancers, MC's, producers all sporting hannah's garments - they loooked SO hot! I was really impressed with her clothing products!

It was a great little networking thing for me too.

The photographer is going to take pics of my whole team too... Twas all very exciting indeed!

Sunday eve: Met up with Lorna in the evening, for a bite of dinner and our girly chats....
That's always a good thing!!

All in all - a lovely lovely weekend!!!

... And NO rain!!

More Pics to follow..... When i can be arsed uploading them....

Asthma attack

I had a mammoth asthma attack this morning and it fucking sucked royally.
I was retching and gasping for air so bad that I actually vomited.
That's never happened before.

I hate having this illness. It's like being suffocated alive.


Mars starts using animal products - WTF?

Now I'm no vegetarian...

But I have been in the past (Boarding school will do that to ya, believe me)...

And I suspect that with the way my body reacts to foods (particularly red meat and fish) and adding that to how deeply I feel about the way in which food is made / slaughtered and put to market....

I know in my heart or hearts... That I should revert to vegetarianism...
I just have yet to find a way to make it work for my lifestyle...

My sister is a staunch Vegan.

Anyway - the reason for my rant on this.... Well I've just read an article on the BBC website about certain CHOCOLATE BARS that are now going to have chemicals added to them - chemicals retrieved from animals stomachs! AY??

Now Firstly why use such a ridiculous product when there are so many alternatives
And Secondly why would you go and do that to CHOCOLATE?
That's just so wrong and unfair.

Morally now, I won't be able to buy these products.
In the past i've had to stop using products that contained animal fat in them.

Here is the article.. Very bad news indeed!

Mars starts using animal products

Masterfoods' brands are household names Some of the UK's best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians.

Also affecting brands such as Snickers and Maltesers, owner Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product rennet to make its chocolate products.

Masterfoods said the change was due to it switching the sourcing of its ingredients and the admission was a "principled decision" on its part.

The Vegetarian Society said the company's move was "incomprehensible".
'Extremely disappointed'

Masterfoods said it had started using rennet from 1 May and non-affected products had a "best before date" up to 1 October.

Masterfoods' decision to use non-vegetarian whey is a backward step .

Rennet, a chemical sourced from calves' stomachs, is used in the production of whey.

It will now also be found in Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way products, and the ice cream versions of all Masterfoods' bars.

"If the customer is an extremely strict vegetarian, then we are sorry the products are no longer suitable, but a less strict vegetarian should enjoy our chocolate," said Paul Goalby, corporate affairs manager for Masterfoods.

The Vegetarian Society said it was "extremely disappointed".

"At a time when more and more consumers are concerned about the provenance of their food, Masterfoods' decision to use non-vegetarian whey is a backward step," it said in a statement.
"Mars products are very popular with young people and many will be shocked to discover that their manufacture now relies on the extraction of rennet from the stomach lining of young calves," it added.

Dorothy from the hood... Who needs Kansas?

I shall start by saying.... That only a person truly comfortable with themselves would display publicly what I’m about to...

I shall take great comfort in that.

I dare you to keep a straight face whilst looking at these pictures..


Let me formally introduce 'Ghetto Dorothy'
AKA: Dorothy from Kensal Green (not Kansas)
AKA: Dotty Dot (shizzle my nizzle)

I'm sure you are dying to know that I did infact accessorise this outfit with:
1) A wicker basket
2) A toy dog impersonata AKA Toto
3) I also carried in my wicker basket little chocolate brownies...
and I took great delight in feeding random drunk people through out the night. Twas fun.

I don't care what you say - I'M CUTE DAMNIT!

I might also add that my mate Leafy – now has this picture on his phone as a screensaver. Lovely.

This was me actually departing via the power of Oz...
I had just clicked my heels together 3 times...
And who would've believed it... I actually teleported away...

No, Seriously... It really did happen.

.. .THIS dorothy ate all the pies...

The grand masterpeice of this outfit... and what really brought 'Ghetto Dorothy' to life - were the amped up Red Nike trainers.

No Ghetto Dorothy could possibly be comfortable without them.

I believe the term is that I "pimped my ride"...
NB: Glitter glue is fun :-)

My mate Lucy Knocked up the outfit for me cos she is a little star...
When I find the link to her jewllery designs page - I'll add it here innit.

Running update - wk2 Day 2

I think that maybe I should not have ran today – and actually had a day off (as per training plan advises).

I think I have over ran my legs a bit this week.... As today, my knee hurt, my calves were super tight and I had tingling in both my feet after about 20 mins!

So I cut it a bit short.

Instead of doing the planned: Run 2mins &Walk 2-4 mins X 5

I did: Run 2mins & Walk 2-4 mins X 3

With warm up and warm down I was on Machine for 23 mins and covered 2.6km.
With the ipod dying half way through - there was no motivation to go on whatsoever.

I wont be visiting the gym (during the day tomorrow) as I have 2 hours of basketball tomorrow evening…

The running shall continue….

That 10K run is my new target and I have it locked firmly in sight!

Cute Letter from a Regular customer

Ok.. So this isn't from one of my customers... It was sent to my sisters company!
But I loved this letter and thought it was cute - so i'm blogging it...

You can check out my sis's website here..
The products are FANTASTIC!! My fave is the chocolate/peppermint showery skin stuff... It's yummy. Anywhoo... Here's the letter she got today from a customer, just adorable!

"My little princess likes the Warrior QueenCleanser sooo much, over the weekend she got hold ofthe Peppermint Flavor Warrior Cleanser and washed "allof her baby dolls" with it! By the time I found out what she had done, she had used most of the cleanser. She explained to Iya she used it "because she wantedher dolls to smell sweet like her and I," I had tolaugh, seen! I explained to her that the Cleanser was not for the doll babies but a special treat for her and I. She went straight to her little piggy bank and gave meenought to purchase another bottle of the WarriorQueen Peppermint Chocolate Cleanser! One Love Sista!"

Dogs are not fucking accessories

I have to say nothing pisses me off more these days than seeing young black boys bopping around with dogs as accessories… Correction: Add to that chavs and thugs as well.
They seem to think it makes them look cool and tough in front of their mates.

No, in actual fact it makes you look like a fucking dick (I sometimes want to say to them).

Is this just a Lewisham Syndrome I wonder?

Just group after group of young men with dogs I see day after day – like they are at some ghetto version of the crufts dog show, showcasing their wonder.
They even take the dogs into smoky pubs :-(.

The only exercise these poor dogs get – is after school when these eejits return home and decide to walk their pet to the local KFC to hang outside it, with more eejits with dogs.

It really annoys the hell out of me. And they know by my face that I actually hate them all.


They can't even look after themselves properly.
Dogs feel thing, have emotions, need to be trained, need to be looked after and need to be loved and I know they are not getting this.

One 'Youf' told me not to stroke his beautiful puppy pitbull dog because he wanted her to be tough and he didn't want people to touch her as it'd make her soft.

What a cock.

Sometimes I really wish that dogs were not so loyal.
I wish they were able to run away from their knob head owners… but they never would.
Even abused dogs go back to the same owners that hurt them and it’s just so sad.

I sincerely get upset by it.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to report someone if I knew an animal was being abused!
But this whole craze of rappers and celebrities on TV – sporting their dogs, ‘Pitbulls’ and ‘Staffs’ only adds fuel to the fire. It makes the numbskulls think ‘if I get a dog like that I’ll look really cool, I can be a gangster’.

But dogs are not toys.

Furthermore, who the fuck is selling these dogs to these little chavs?

I can’t wait for this ridiculous phase/craze to be over with.
Bring back the bottle tops on shoes, or the really cool high top sneakers that are a must have or even bring back the stupid hats (with tags still on) craze…

But please can we move on from this ‘dogs are accessories phase’… It sucks, royally.

Running update - wk2 bupa plan

Today was pretty tough in the gym for me.

I put this down to:
1) Not having a proper run on the treadmill for 3 whole days
2) Playing basketball on monday night (heavy legs)
3) The packet of crisps I ate in my car right before entering the gym

I'm a genius... I know it.


Here's my update so y'all know i'm not slacking (too much).

Treadmill for
Which was a mash up of (Run x 1min & walk 1 min X 10 times)

With a warm up and warm down I was actually on the treadmill for 32mins.

That's a whopping time on the treadmill FOR ME!

I am aware however that running just over 3k in 30 mins is pretty poo - but you know what...
I'm a beginner... And thats the nearest i've got to getting close to 5k at any one time!
And this WILL get better if i just follow the plan.

She says optimistically!!

Anyways, them be the numbers.

My mate Louise told me the other day, that on her warm up before her run home...
She had a cigarette as part of her warm up as she was gagging for one.

Update over.

The London Aquarium visit.. Tres Bon.

Me and my friend Jitka went to the London Aquarium over the weekend...
As I'd never been there before.. I was like a proper kid... in a candy store for the first time.

It was really beautiful. Peaceful. Serene. Refreshing and engaging.
And it was a great place to be on a wet and windy day outside in London.

We were lucky enough to be there at the Sharks feeding time.. It was all very exciting I must confess. I was glad to see i had overcome my 'Jaws' inflicted bad thoughts of sharks. The Tiger sharks are really pretty.

They had: Sharks, Octopus, Jellyfish, Seahorses, Clownfish, Piranhas, Rays and lots of little Nemo lookalike fish :-)
Here are some of my fave pics... And video.. If i can get it to work :-)

Enjoy x

Smile for the camera...

Aww.. Starfish

Straight out of Starwars...

Gobble gobble

Flat fish - thin as paper..
Look closely you can see all it's insides...

Aww.. Fishies... Lots and lots of fishies

Seahorses are cool!

That is actually a fact!

Tiger Shark on the right.. 'Aving a kip