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Anchorman - The movie

I was recently told about this film and am ashamed to say that for the last few years I have been ignorant to the knowledge of this films existence.

I am now a mad fan of this film.

Infact, when I'm in the bath or about to go to sleep... I put anchorman on and I laugh like a banshee.

They say that laughter is good for you and this film is better and cheaper than any therapy on the market, that i know of.

The films wit is right up my street and the humour jumps on my very last nerve, everytime. It's jam packed with nonsense but is the funniest thing i've seen in a very long time.

Will Ferrell is my new hero.

Love it love it love it... :-)

What i've been up to....

For a little there while life got a bit crazy for me.
I found myself enjoying being at work 15/16hours a day.

I became slightly obsessed with my new project, the actor expo show that’s happening at the end of the year.

Now, I cant swear to being fully over this obsession yet, as I’m still putting in a good 10hr day – but I am coming away feeling not as tired as I was during January and February this year. Man I was way under the radar for a while. I was too exhausted to talk to my friends, too tired to go the gym, had no energy to put my thoughts into my blog and was the biggest party pooper around. I don’t think I’ve really been out at all.

Does that make me a loser? Or just ridiculously focused?

I think a little of both I guess.

But would people say that of an athlete who at the peak of training cuts out certain parts of life’s pleasures? No drinking, no partying, no sex etc… Or would they say that they are completely focused on their goal and that’s how they should be… it is only for a few months a year?

Anyway – I like being completely focused. My mind is clear of shit and full of good stuff. Being so clear and focused sort of makes me feel a little bit powerful in some weird way.

I know what I’m doing! I know where I’m heading. I can see the end result. I’m excited by it. I’m challenged by it. I’m stimulated by it. I’m driven by it.
Those are the things that spurn me on.

Those are the things that enable me to go into meetings a confident strong person.
To approach people who are way out of my league and say ‘get involved will you?’.

This project has enabled me to meet, network with and connect with some amazing people.

That’s my tagline by the way: Network.Connect.Grow.
Yes, I’m a cheese ball, I know.

Along the way I’ve met some really incredible people which has made this whole journey all the more pleasurable. There’s the fantastic acting teacher who is very high up in his game and wants to be involved with this show. Full of ideas and has an equal amount of energy that I do (which is high).

I have made friends with an event organiser who is so knowledgeable and experienced that I sometimes feel like a small child in his presence. What’s remarkable is his abililty to share and be so open with me, someone who technically could be deemed as his competitor. He’s amazing and inspirational to me.

An American lady, who is kind warm and generous and again so willing to help with marketing.

All are renewing my faith in ‘good people’ existing still.

I’ve spent so much time around people who are secretive or selfish, by that I mean that they will only help or get involved in something if they can see how a situation benefits them first. I’m pleased to say that people like this are slowly and carefully taking a back seat in my life. Being someone who is generous, open and so willing to share what limited knowledge I do have, it’s difficult to be around people who are opposite to this.

But I’ve tried.

Anyway, today I have a mammoth amount of tasks to complete so am going to leave this blog here for today.

Hopefully I’ll be back with more updates soon, however I am keeping my video blogs as I go, I’ll upload them all one day.

Rems xx