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...I'm back

Wow.... I haven't blogged in a while.
Man I miss it.
Final draft of the 'Actor Expo Scotland' floor plan is almost complete!

25 (err maybe 28...) Random Things Share

25 (err maybe 28...) Random Things Share

This has been doing the rounds on facebook so thought i'd copy it here too :-)

1) An old boss once said to me: “Rem, if you were a car – you’d have 2 gears... 5th gear and Reverse”. Never a truer word has been said about me. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl.
When I am in ‘Reverse’ .... man, I’m a nuisance. But a funny nuisance.
2) I love my cat Chi-chi more than anything in the universe. Had her since I was 18 when I got my first place. She was right there! 14yrs on – she’s still there! Giving her mama love :).
I like animals more than I like people.
3) I have a large amount of friends and am deeply loyal to my close friends and believe that trust is everything. Without it – there is nothing for me.
4) I have been hurt by people I trusted and as such am more cautious with friends and partners now. But I am not deeply tainted. I do believe in Karma and what goes around DOES come back around.
5) For an intelligent person – I am pretty stupid. I laugh a lot. I laugh at my own jokes and I spend most of my life laughing at things I probably shouldn’t laugh at. I think life is pretty funny when I think about it. I’m gonna laugh my way right outta here right till the very end.
6) I think I should’ve been born American – I am in love with that country, have been since about the age of 10 and am just way too Americanised for my own good. I play basketball and used to play American Football. Planning to move there in the next 2 years!
7) I’d like to get married someday – I think that’d be pretty awesome.
8) I went to boarding school..... Quit laughing already.
9) When alone - I’m scared of the dark and sleep with the TV on. I have an over active imagination.
10) I’m allergic to all seafood and mushrooms – strange but true. I have an incredible amount of intolerances (yup I’m one of those ppl who you love to have over for dinner) – I also have IBS and do a doodoo at least 4 times a day! (you know I had to get the word doodoo up in here)
11) I am a serious adrenalin junkie. I love fast cars, bikes, roller coasters, bungees, planes. I’d love to fly in an F15 jet just once in my lifetime. I have yet to jump out of a plane or do a reverse bungee, but I will. Due to the intense way I blow my nose and pop my ears – my whole ear, eye, nasal system is fucked and basically I’ve started experience mild cases of vertigo - I’m actually really pissed about that cos I LOVE HEIGHTS!!!!!!! Vertigo is a weird ass feeling that no one should have to experience, EVER. Oh yeah, Paint balling rules!
12) once a month – I’m pretty moody and gnarly. Fucking hormone bastards.
13) Spent most of my teenage years in children’s foster homes. Don’t feel sorry for me, it made me who I am – strong, independent and ambitious. I don’t really like talking about it – so please don’t ask.
14) My favourite album title is by Seasick Steve:
“I started out with nothing.. and I still got most of it left”
15) I have a personality that draws people to me. People dig me.
I’m not blowing my own trumpet here – that’s just how it is. people are drawn to me and my energy. I tend to be the person who lifts other people up – which can sometimes be exhausting.
However, I don’t really like people that much if the truth be told lol. Yeah, I said it. I much prefer my own company – but.. I don’t know why, people are just drawn to me. I find that people are intrinsically and organically programmed to look out for themselves. Is that too deep? Maybe... But being a selfless person, I often find it hard to be around people who are not that way too. So, when I go quiet – it’s generally because I am wishing I wasn’t around a certain person at that time.
16) I use the word CUNT quite a lot. Get over yourselves, really, it’s just a word.
17) I’ve always had this uncanny ability to understand people with speech problems. I don’t know how or why I can do this – I just can. Probably should have been a speech therapist or something. I am AWESOME at reading lips – so don’t try and talk about me across a crowded and noisy room... I know what you’re saying ha ha.
18) I love to travel like mad. I also really dig old people. I can talk for days to an old person and never get bored – older people hold the key to a lot of wisdom... that I yearn to know.
19) I am a little bit crazy. Not ‘psycho crazy’ or ‘pop a pill crazy’ – more ‘crazy quirky’ haha. I am a great believer that if the world was just full of ‘sane’ and ‘normal’ people – we’d have a really boring world to exist in. A little bit of crazy is good.
20) I have no racist, prejudice, homophobic, ageist, sexist... ANY ‘IST’ or ‘IC’ tendencies.
Not even an iota. Can put my hand on heart and say that. We are all equals.
21) I don’t go to church – but am spiritual.
22) My closest friend in the world is Kelly. We were in the same class aged 11. I tell him everything and value his opinions on everything as he’s just like me – straight talking and honest. No bullshit. I love having a friend who is so close that he can tell what mood I’m in just from how I answer the phone.
23) I’m kinda psychic. Ok, well not kinda, I am... but I don’t really take it that seriously at all – but I know it’s there and in me – it exists in my family – I don’t care if you believe in it or not either... Whatever. I dream stuff... it happens, what can I say.
24) Despite my ridiculously confident exterior – inside I am deeply shy and if I had been born white – I would definitely blush a lot.
25) I will always be a tomboy and find it funny that people sometimes ask me if I am Gay.
I suppose I can be a little bit unambiguous from time to time.
Those who know me well, know I like the meat. Sausage Meat that is.
26) I was born left handed! Being ½ Jamaican and ½ Nigerian - and what with African/Nigerian superstitions being followed – long story... but I am now right handed.
Therefore I am now a hybrid befuddled creative person.
27) I don’t really love myself enough (or at all... if I’m honest)... but that will come with time. Maybe.
28) I can’t wait to meet my dad this year for the first time in 20 years.

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Here is the video showreel from my launch show of ActorExpo in London on Oct 10th 2008.
There is a longer version on youtube - just type in ActorExpo on Youtube.

Ever the optimist...

I feel like I'm always a very optimistic and ever hopeful person...
But I'm starting to think that there really aren't any nice guys left out there to date.

They've either all been body snatched.
Or this current batch that is in circulation are faulty and a little bit warped.

... Makes me a little bit sad in all honesty.

Dog VS Slide

Second 24 of this clip is GENIUS.
I defy you not to laugh.